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How to Sell Your House in Colorado

So you’ve made the decision to sell your house. Selling a house in Colorado can be a complex and daunting process. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that everything is done correctly and that the selling process goes smoothly.

#1 Prepare your house

The very first thing to do once you have decided to sell your house is to have a big clean out. Before you can show anyone your house and try and get them to buy it, it is important that the house looks appealing. Take the opportunity to clear out any old junk you don’t want and maybe to rearrange some furniture items in the house. Although of course the furniture will move with you, showing people how good the house could look once they buy it is important for convincing them and closing the sale.

#2 Choose an agent

Now that your house is looking spotless, it’s time to choose the agent who will successfully sell your house. Do your research, particularly within your local area, to see who has the best knowledge (and that best selling skills!) You can try attending other open houses in your area to see how different agents engage with potential buyers and determine who will be the best for marketing your home. Good agents, such as those at Fair Home Sale Colorado, will demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and a detailed knowledge of the local area and its appealing factors to potential buyers. When speaking with them, ask plenty of questions and narrow down your options to find the perfect agent for you.

#3 Determine your selling price

You’re getting closer to selling by now and it’s important to decide how much you want for your house. You can get your house evaluated to see what the professionals think and you can use your own knowledge to determine your ideal asking price. Factors such as what you originally paid, how much money you need for your new house and the area of Colorado your house is located in will effect this. Make sure you are as well informed as possible to choose a realistic yet satisfactory price.

#4 Choose how you are going to sell

Now that you know how much you want for it, you need to decide what method you will use to actually sell the house. Your agent will usually guide your decisions making process for this. Auction is the most popular method and usually achieves the best results, however private treaty is also an option to consider if that is what you want.

#5 Market your house

Before go to auction, you need to advertise your property in order to attract people to attend the auction (and hopefully buy). At this stage, many people may choose to move out of the home to ensure that it can be kept clean and tidy. Ensure that you advertise your house online as well as in print form as this is the number one way you will reach people. Arrange photos of your house that look professional and desirable and make sure the presentation of the listing is impeccable.

#6 Sell!

By this point you will no doubt have many interested buyers. This step in the process is now mostly up to your agent. At auction they will use all of their expert strategies to encourage buyers and ensure that you get the best price possible for your house. You should trust your agent to get the best result for you and this is why you need to make a careful and informed selection when originally choosing them.

#7 Complete the settlement process

Congratulations your Colorado house has been sold! Now all that’s left to do is ensure that your contract is in order (you may want to use a solicitor for this) and wait for the buyer to complete the transaction. Once the buyer has paid you, they have legal possession of the property.

Selling a house in Colorado doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right agent and a carefully thought-out strategy, you are sure to have a seamless process and gain the best possible outcome. Good luck on your selling journey!