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How to perfect the art of vlogging with RakanTime

Having joined YouTube in April 2011, RakanTime is a world-famous vlogger with almost 160 million views. With almost a decade’s worth of YouTube experience, RakanTime lives in the United States and likes to post videos about his life, including challenge videos or vlogs of him visiting well-known tourist attractions. Some of his videos have gone viral in the MENA Region (Middle East and North Africa), where many of his 2 million subscribers come from. With such an extensive level of vlogging experience, it’s no wonder why RakanTime would be the perfect YouTube role model for young vloggers.

In order to stand out, vloggers need to do something unique and different. Because it’s so easy these days to create your own YouTube channel and begin posting videos, the sheer level of competition is utterly insane. There are hundreds of thousands of vloggers offering similar videos with the same style and the same comedic approach. In order to stand out, you need to do something that conflicts with the norm, which is exactly what RakanTime does.

For RakanTime, one of the important vlogging traits is being dedicated and authentic. So many vloggers tend to be dishonest and vague about their own lives, often falsifying stories and information to garner subscribers, views and popularity. However, this isn’t sustainable in the long-term and viewers tend to figure this out sooner rather than later.

On top of this, RakanTime likes to foster a deep emotional bond with his subscribers, whether it be through YouTube or via Twitter. He believes this is what furnishes repeat views and long-term subscribers. He likes to blend this content with humour and topical news, since YouTube remains a medium where people can share humorous observation videos, while learning about current trends and events going on in the world. Challenge videos are also particularly effective when it comes to building views, subscribers and your channel’s online awareness. This is because they can be funny and addictive to watch for viewers.

When creating vlogs, it is also very important that the scene is visually aesthetic and well put together. Indeed, this is why RakanTime’s videos are always very polished and well-edited. Viewers hate seeing videos that don’t flow freely or are hard to follow and navigate. With good editing skills and keen eye for good visual aesthetics, vlogs can be filmed and produced with relative ease, while ensuring that they remain popular and in-demand with your viewers.

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