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How to finally get the results you’re looking for from social media

Everyone uses social media these days. Whether it’s connecting with old friends, discovering new music, promoting a business, or simply looking for entertainment, it has myriad uses. Some employers even scroll through social media when deciding on prospective employees.

Now that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are business models in themselves; targeted advertising has become a popular way to expand a business and increase engagement.

Targeted advertising

One individual, by the name of Riley Hillin, has used targeted advertising through social media to reach optimal customers for himself and for other brands. At the age of just 22 years old, Hillin has become a full-time entrepreneur, influencer, and digital marketing professional.

As a teenager, he invested in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, ostensibly predicting when these cryptocurrencies would boom and when they would crash. He now runs a company that helps young businesses to expand their potential through targeted marketing and social media.

How has this young entrepreneur done all of this so successfully? Through a combination of networking, thorough analyses of specific demographics and an innate awareness of social media trends.

Here are some ways in which you, too, can be successful in your endeavors to expand your business and share your skill set with others:

Know (and work) your demographic

Social media advertisements tend to be quite particular about users’ age, location, personal taste, gender, education and even income. Before you, as a business owner, start putting out adverts, you should think about your target audience and what they want to hear. It’s often a good idea to target a single, narrow customer base with each advert.

For example, if you are looking to sell high-end musical equipment, you’ll want to target working musicians who are perfecting their craft rather than beginners. You should tailor your language, imagery, and price point to suit this demographic. Adverts with a targeted audience will be much more effective than one that will show up on anyone’s feed.

Target your audience’s purchasing behavior

Assessing the purchasing behaviors of consumers is a long-standing tactic that has been used to predict what sort of products will be popular with certain types of people. Consumers’ patterns can be a really useful and simple way of boosting sales immediately.

With Facebook Ads Manager, advertisers can use an incredibly helpful section called “Behaviors.” Within this section is a tool called “Purchase Behavior.” This tool will allow you to target readers who buy products and services similar to the ones you are selling.

Retarget customers who leave your site without making purchases

The act of retargeting a customer may sound strange on the surface, but it’s essentially the same as a sales assistant following a customer to the door and asking if they’re sure they don’t want to make a purchase.

The retargeting software allows advertisers to follow a user after leaving a website, ask them to complete the checkout process, offer a special promotion, and essentially convince them to come back and make their purchase. This tool can help to increase your sales significantly, and it is a commonly-used tool among regular advertisers.

Riley Hillin

There are many other techniques that you can use to boost your sales, expand your company and progress as a businessperson. The main point is to be absolutely certain who you are advertising to and the specific traits that go along with them. If you are a growing entrepreneur or business owner looking to target a specific niche audience, Riley Hillin’s company can help you. You can follow him on Instagram at @rileyh.