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How Stíofán O’Hearachaigh and Savvy Spender can save you hundreds

Online shopping is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. There are thousands upon thousands of retailers who offer their goods and services in one convenient location-online. Stíofán O’Hearachaigh knows this, and aims to help avid shoppers get the most out of their money. Thus, was developed. It is a website that allows people to locate all of the latest deals and discounts for a wide range of online stores. With, people in Ireland and around the world are saving hundreds.

Welcome Stíofán, can you begin by telling us about yourself and what you do?

I run I am currently a bit of jack of all trades managing the marketing, product development & operations. Doing the many things you need to do to try to start-up a company!

Why did you decide to develop SavvySpender?

After moving back to Ireland having lived overseas I was taken aback by how much the cost of living had increased.

As I was without work for my first year back, I really had to tighten the belt and I understood how hard it is for people to save money especially in cities like Dublin.

I discovered there were lots of ways to get discounts. I also realized that there was no central place that housed all the retailer discounts that are available to people.

I decided to create to help make it easier for Irish people to save money on their day to day purchases.

I have a background in loyalty marketing and I wanted to share insider tips that cut through the marketing bullshit and would help people make the most of their loyalty card – to get discounts or earn more points.

Can you explain what SavvySpender does? helps people make the most of their money:

  • Lets people compare all the deals that are available for their retailer / brand of choice
  • Lets them choose their preferred one and gives them confidence they’re getting the best deal possible
  • The money-saving tips and loyalty card overviews provide practical ways to save money or earn points regardless of whether someone is doing their weekly supermarket shop or making an online purchase.

What kind of brands can you find deals for on SavvySpender?

We have deals for hundreds of brands. We feature most of the popular Irish and international brands – from Aer Lingus to Zurich.

We publish discounts on everything from supermarkets, sports gear, food delivery, travel, electronics to jewelry.

In the future we plan on expanding our offering to showcase savings at sustainable brands and local / regional retailers.

Why do you think online shopping has become so popular?

I think it is a combination of things:

  • Everyone has a smartphone and people are no longer afraid to make online purchases.
  • There are some great online shopping brands that provide customer experiences and make online shopping easy and convenient.
  • The fact that Irish people have spent most of the past year bored at home due to lockdown has meant they’ve turned to online shopping even more!

You also provide money saving tips. Why is it so important to be smart with your money when online shopping?

For me it is about making the most of my money. It’s not about being a tightass. Making small savings on day to day purchases helps you have more to spend on the bigger things in life.

Also by getting discounts you can afford to buy people nicer things – for arguments sake if you could afford to spend €50 buying someone a present. Using, you might be able to get them something that’s worth €60 at a discounted price. The person receiving the gift isn’t going to know if you got a discount or not.

Can you tell us about your member forum?

Our member forum is just getting going. It’s a place where our members can share any advice or tips that they have. They can even share deals they’ve discovered themselves.

They can also ask questions that other members or us at will try to answer.

What, in your opinion, is the golden rule for saving money online?

Compare, compare, compare. There is nearly always a saving to be made when making an online purchase. At the very least hit the ‘shopping’ tab in google to compare prices across a number of retailers. Then check to see if there are opportunities to get further discounts in the form of a discount code, cashback or points.

Thank you Stíofán for your time!

You can follow up with Stíofán O’Hearachaigh at