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How social media stars Isan Hn and Mehrdadx2 continue to grow their following with their unique and engaging content

With popular Instagram accounts and YouTube channels, power couple Isan Hn and Mehrdadx2 have been steadily taking over the Internet. Their hilarious prank wars have allowed them to grow a following of over 700K fans and their commitment to consistently developing new and unique content sees this number continuing to climb. Both of them post a new video every day and they have quickly become two of the most popular entertainers in the Persian community.

Hi, could you please state your names and tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Isan Hasheminick but many people know me as Isan Hn. I was born on the 1st of February 1998 and I am an Iranian Internet Celebrity, Youtuber and Music Producer. In 2018, I started my social media career by creating short films on Instagram for the Persian community. We started a brand-new program called “Don’t Say No” in which there was a series of epic dares that we had to do in public. In less than 24 hours our first video got over 500K views. Besides Social Media, I have always been producing music although I never got the chance to release my album “Affection” until now. My first single “Unconditional Love” is being released on the 26th of February 2021. I was born in Tehran, Iran however my parents moved to Cyprus when I was 2 years old. I was brought up in Limassol and was speaking/writing fluent Greek but I didn’t know how to speak or write in Persian which is my mother’s language. When I was 15 my family decided to move to the United Kingdom and ever since I moved to UK I have been learning so many different languages and now I speak Fluent Greek, English and Persian.

My name is Mehrdad Salehi and I was born on the 23rd of May 1989. Many people know me as Mehrdadx2, I am an Iranian Internet Celebrity, Youtuber, Rapper and Singer. In 2012, I started my music career while I was still based in Iran. After couple of years, I decided to move out of Iran and moved to the United Kingdom in 2014. After releasing two albums I decided to move my social media presence to another level. In 2018 alongside Isan Hn, we decided to create the program called “Don’t say No” as mentioned above.

How would you describe what you do?

The content that we create is basically the story of prank wars between couples. Me and my boyfriend Mehrdadx2 have developed quite a large number of followers. We have over 700K fans that enjoy the pranks we do on each other. Mehrdadx2 was already known in the Persian community through Music and TV appearance on several Iranian channels. He helped me gain confidence in speaking Persian in front of millions of fellow Iranians and in being able to communicate with my fans.

Isan Nick and Mehrdadx2 are the power couple of Iranian Instagram and have established their hard work by creating fun, shocking and hilarious content that makes everyone laugh. That is why with over 2000 videos of content, each one of them has gone viral with over 6 million views on several social media channels.

When did you decide to start a YouTube channel?

I have only recently started my YouTube channel under the username Isan Hn. I wish I started earlier but unfortunately time was tight.  The reason I started my channel just now is because everybody wanted to get to know me more and wanted me to create longer videos instead of just short clips of up to 1 minute long.

That’s why I created a series called “Story of my Life” where I talk about my life, how I got here and what I went through to get here.  I also create longer prank videos specifically for YouTube and they are hilarious. Some of the pranks that we did for YouTube nearly got us arrested in Manchester, we go all in when we create pranks for our fans. We post a new video everyday on both of our channels.

What kind of videos are your most popular?

The most popular videos are the ones where I prank my boyfriend Mehrdadx2. For some reason everybody loves it when I pull a prank. A couple of my latest videos that went viral on several of my social media accounts hit over 7 million views with over 700K likes including on TikTok and Instagram. Each video hits roughly between 1 to 7 million views and the audience is international, it is not just in the Persian community.

Which videos do you find the most fun to do?

I enjoy all the videos that we make! If I do not enjoy the content that we are going to make, then I am sure our followers would not enjoy it too. This is one the most important parts of our role (Isan Hn and Mehrdadx2), if we do not enjoy the video that we are going to make then that video will not be successful. That is why sometimes our good videos take time to get released as we have to make sure our content is flawless and of good quality. So, we don’t disappoint our fans.

How do your friends respond to the pranks that you pull on them?

Our friends do not take our pranks very well that is why they don’t respond. They act twice as hard to pull a prank that will be much better than the one we pulled on them. However, this doesn’t happen very often as all our friends know that if they try to prank us, they will get pranked really bad.

Last month, Mehrdadx2 and his friends pranked me by kidnapping me in public with a fake firearm which we all ended up getting arrested for by the Manchester Police. The public thought it was a real kidnapping, although everything was fine after as we explained to them that it was prank and we are YouTubers. All of the videos are available on our YouTube channel under our names Isan Hn and Mehrdadx2.

You’ve developed quite a following! Who is your target audience? Why do you think your content is so appealing?

I think the reason that my channels on social media are developing is because the content that we create was different from the very start in the Persian community. We always do something different and ensure that our fans don’t get tired of what they are watching. We have various types of content and there is something for everyone. The other interesting fact that my followers love is that I am not fully Persian, they love the way I speak and try to fit in with the rest of the Persian culture. My target audience is on my social media and includes fans from the Persian community all around the world and from the United Kingdom. However, I have audience members from all across the world including the USA and all the way to Europe.

Do you have any exciting projects planned for the future that you can tell us about?     

YES!! As soon as the lockdown is lifted here in the UK, we are going to travel all round the world to create various vlogs, review different hotels from the cheapest to the most luxurious, try different food from all the countries we visit and give feedback on the dos and don’ts of each country we visit. All of these vlogs will be posted on our YouTube channel and we will be starting our journey in Summer.


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