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How sneaker reseller Brandon Webb makes over $100,000 before graduating high school

Before he finished high school, young entrepreneur Brandon Webb had already made six figures. He did this by founding Hypluxe and Galaxio, both of which are focused on helping sneaker resellers maximize their profits in the underground sneaker reselling market.

Brandon isn’t just another sneaker reseller. He coded custom automation software that allowed him to buy out the entire stock of limited-edition sneakers as soon as they were dropped online. Instead of having to stay up all night in the hopes of bagging one pair of shoes, he was able to run his bot and let his laptop do the rest.

Anti-bot measures are continually being updated by major retailers, yet Brandon and his team always seem to find a way around them. They have the skills to find a way around the new obstacles in their way because the unusually high returns are well worth the effort in the end.

Brandon doesn’t have the only sneaker bot out there, but he has one of the few successful ones around today. Retailers work very hard to try and prevent resellers from buying their limited-edition sneakers. However, given how skilled Brandon and his team are, Galaxio is still able to buy out the stock before they know what happened.

When Brandon released Galaxio into the wild, it was immediately used by a very experienced sneaker reseller due to how robust and powerful it was compared with competing bots. Galaxio allowed its users to buy way more sneakers and make a lot more money. This was thanks to it being able to bypass cybersecurity challenges that other automation software out there simply did not.

Brandon Webb

As the CEO of Galaxio, Brandon is also the lead developer of his prized automation software. He finds it interesting, if not impressive, that multi-million dollar cybersecurity companies, that have nearly unlimited resources, are employed to stop exactly what his software manages to accomplish.

Besides Galaxio, Brandon also runs Hypluxe, which is one of the best communities within the underground sneaker reselling industry that exposes all of its secrets. This has led to many involved in the industry enjoying handsome profits. The sneaker resale market is underground by its very nature, which makes it a bit controversial. After all, people like Brandon are exposing and exploiting this marketplace by providing reselling secrets through Hypluxe and automation software like Galaxio.

However, Brandon loves what he does. Supporting independent sneaker resellers around the world and helping them make a living is something he sees as being a positive mission. As long as there are going to be loopholes in the system, Brandon will be there to exploit and expose them, helping the little guy earn a living.

You can learn more about Galaxio by heading over to the official website. You can also follow Galaxio’s Twitter page @galaxio to see some of the latest success stories. Find out about Hypluxe here and follow Brandon on Instagram @brandonswebb.