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How Runway Influence combines models and major brands for explosive results on social media

Influencer marketing is taking the social media platform by storm. Even global brands are finding it easier to connect to their customers through influencers rather than paid advertisements. In other words, influencer campaigns have completely changed the game of brand marketing. With the rising demand for influencer marketing, digital marketing agencies are developing strategies that can amplify the brand’s message to reach a wider audience.

Runway Influence is one of the most renowned digital marketing agencies offering social media campaigns, talent integration, influencer endorsements, product influencer collaboration, social media management, ambassador network, brand development, and content production services. The agency works to promote high-end products, top brands, and luxury destinations.

Runway Influence has over a thousand top model influencers working for brand endorsements. Some of the top models of the advertisement industry are Runway Influencers like Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio with over 7 million followers on Instagram and Alessandra Ambrosio another Victoria’s Secret model, and Television personality with over 10 million Instagram followers.

Runway Influence

Runway Influence knows that customers can connect better with influencers they follow rather than forced Ads. This is because marketing ads popping up from an unheard brand page has no credibility to a customer. An influencer has already built a relationship with the followers and when she endorses a certain product, it immediately creates more interest and craving. The agency uses this technique to help a brand get explosive awareness on social media.

So far Runway Influence has worked with some of the biggest globally recognized brands like Lexus, Adidas, TikTok, McLaren, Google, and Wild Fox. Runway Influence offers result-oriented solutions to its clients. It has a hardworking team to devise innovative strategies to widen the brand’s reach by creating visually stunning content. The agency finds the most prominent and relevant influencer for assigning each brand endorsements. The brand accounts that they have worked with have gained over 100K organic followers every month.

All the brand campaigns under Runway Influence are well thought of so that they do not contradict the brand’s message and integrity. The marketing techniques that the agency employs are also cost-effective compared to conventional marketing ads. Considering the cost of one paid ad in a marketing channel and one influencer endorsement will clearly show the difference in the expenditure and reach.

With the new wave of brand building, brands are not limited to increase their sales only with ad campaigns. Brands are looking forward to developing a relationship with their prospective and existing customers that will live well past the campaign. Digital marketing agencies like Runway Influence are helping brands grow exponentially in terms of reach and brand value with their influencer models.