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How Prolific Artist Suchet Salvesen Defied the Odds to Live His Dream

For some artists, making their way to the mainstream can be one of the toughest tasks. It doesn’t matter how talented they can be, as many other factors contribute to success in the industry. Having a support base is very important for young and upcoming artists. It provides them with the extra backing to work and build on the artist’s innate talent, relatively influencing their journey into the industry. 

Unfortunately, not every upcoming artist is lucky to enjoy support from family or friends. Some artists, such as Suchet Dhindsa Salvesen, have had to overcome a lifetime of challenges to bring their dreams to life. 

Suchet Dhindsa Salvesen is a prolific up-and-coming artist based in the US. Though originally from India, Suchet was raised in the US, where he grew to love and perfectly blend into the culture. The gifted singer and songwriter also fell in love with the American music industry. He recently made his debut into the scene, with classical singles. He has since established his presence as one of the names to watch out for in the coming days.  

Suchet fell in love with music at a young age, and he instantly knew that was the path he wanted to pursue. To him, music is the universal language through which he could  speak to millions across the world and leave a positive mark. However, none of his family members believed in his musical talent. Some of his close friends could not see the artist in him, and the best they could offer was words of discouragement.  

However, Suchet did not have time for the naysayers. He dedicated his time and efforts to nurturing his talent. He had fallen in love with American music, and wanted to create a unique and authentic blend that traced back to his ancestral roots. This was the only way to overcome the competition in the music scene. For Suchet, being unique was essential for the industry as it gave him an identity. And after years of self-searching and trying to discover himself musically, Suchet was fortunate to release his first single on Spotify, earning himself the opportunity to work with other producers.  

Suchet is notably known for his musical diversity that perfectly blends with his authentic sounds. Listening to Suchet’s music will give you a taste of the American RnB sound that blends in with the thrilling Asian melody. This has earned him a fan base in the US, and in other countries. 

Suchet firmly believes in the music industry as one big and diverse sector with the space for anyone. You can also establish a thriving career in the space, provided you passionately work to achieve it. Suchet also wants you to remember that music is one of the highly competitive sectors, so you better work hard to be the best every day. 

Suchet wants to grow and expand his brand into the mainstream. He is also seeking to work and collaborate with other talents and serve his fans with more timeless music.