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Nerissa Reaves

How Nerissa Reaves Puts Financial Health in Your Hands: Learn to Boost Your Credit with Professor Honey

Nerissa Reaves, aka “Professor Honey”, has achieved financial success through hard work and determination. She did not come from money and is no stranger to the struggles of building wealth from the ground up. Her success was not an overnight one, and she now works to help thousands of people to take the right steps to financial freedom.

Honey has a long resume of achievements that helped her to become the financial knowledge source she is today. She has a bachelor’s degree from Spelman College Magna Cum Laude and a Master’s in Education from the University of New Haven Summa Cum Laude. She is also an Alumni for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses and an Alumni for Leading Educators. She was a translator for the Japanese Consulate in Kawaguchi, Japan.

Honey has a colorful work history. She was a teacher-turned-restaurateur, investor-turned-model, and, most recently, actress-turned-serial entrepreneur.

Reaves hails from New Haven, Connecticut, and is fluent in Japanese. She was brought up as an academic by a single father who impressed upon her the importance of her studies.

As a child, her father tried to train her to keep her credit high.

But she didn’t pick up that financial skill at first. Even though she knew that good credit was crucial to starting a business, she ended up losing everything. This experience humbled her and helped her to move forward and try again.

When a real estate deal went wrong, Reaves had to move onto her friend’s couch because it left her with no money and unable to afford rent. Even though she had years of investing and business startup experience, not having high credit was her big mistake that could have saved her from this calamity.

Reaves’ mother became her biggest champion during this time. She encouraged her to keep pushing forward despite her setbacks, and has continued to be a motivational force to this day.

This devastating incident propelled Reaves’ to become a financial expert by digesting and absorbing everything she could about personal and business credit. She eventually boosted her credit score to 780.

Professor Honey’s Credit and Funding Hive teaches people about personal and business credit, helping to restore their credit with a team of financial experts.

How The Credit and Funding Hive Works

Composed of financial experts with credit-boosting know-how, Professor Honey’s Credit and Funding Hive is a strategy-rich learning center.

The Hive’s experts can teach their students to boost their credit up to 200 points. Proven Hive strategies for Experian, Equifax, and Transunion cut through the barriers to financial health and success.

The Credit and Funding Hive reviews, reports and gives students a personalized improvement plan to boost their scores. Then the Hive team works to solidify those scores to ensure they steadily increase. Participants in Professor Honey’s Credit and Funding Hive gain access to the Personal Credit and Business Credit Programs and VIP membership to the Hive Affiliate Program. With this program, students have the opportunity to earn around $6K per month of passive income.

The Why

Professor Honey’s Credit and Funding Hive is primarily a way for people to rid themselves of debt and take back control of their financial standings. On the other hand, the Hive is a learning sphere where students can learn how to establish good business credit, keep their business credit from affecting their personal credit, and simultaneously access business tradelines and funding options.

“We’re closing the gap between the poor and medium classes,” said Reaves. “We educate people on how they can leverage their personal credit for home investment opportunities and their business credit to access funding. It’s all about building yourself up financially in both sectors.”

The What

Reaves said that no matter what your credit situation is, there is always something the Hive team of experts can do to improve it.

She and her Hive team have experience in but are not limited to, foreclosures, bankruptcies, public records, and collections.

Please Note

Professor Honey’s Credit and Funding Hive is not a quick fix.

“If you think about it, bad credit didn’t happen to you last night while you were asleep,” said Reaves. “I hate to say it, but you did this to yourself, whether by ignorance or willful mistakes. Restoring your credit to health will take just as long – if not longer – than it took to get you to its current state.”

Students should expect to see higher scores around 30 days from their journey’s start date. For the best results, the process can take up to nine months.

There is Hope

“I am a resource for funding and lending, and I want people to come to me when they’re seeking financial freedom,” said Reaves. “I understand that bad credit leads people to hopelessness and depression when trying to better their own lives by starting a business. The experience should be empowering, not limiting.”

Professor Honey has helped thousands of people restore their credit over the past two years. Her students have gone on to establish business credit, build their businesses, and earn passive income while on the road to complete financial independence.

About Professor Honey

Professor Honey is the Founder of The Credit and Funding Hive, helping thousands of people restore their credit, get the funding they need to build their businesses, and establish opportunities for passive income. She has been featured on, Marketwatch, and Sheen. Click here to learn about her program: