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How Musician Jowy Cenat Helps Artists Get Discovered on Social Media

With the exponential growth in the digital space, content has become a crucial factor to garner positive attention. We see so many new talents rising on digital platforms every day but only a few manage to sustain their popularity. Competition is the biggest challenge in digital media, and Jowy Cenat is here to help artists make the most out of it with stunning video content. Jowy Cenat is a self-made piano artist and musician who is working hard to empower aspiring artists. He wants to help other musicians like himself build a strong presence on social media platforms, particularly YouTube. 

Since the age of 12, Jowy Cenat has been passionate about music. He found a way to manifest his passion through the piano. This artist of Caribbean-Haitian descent got his degree in health science from Stockton University, which is where he got his first opportunity to play the piano in public. Being able to share his talents to a wider audience is what helped him become noticed. After years of relentless hard work and persistence, he finally earned the deserved recognition for his passion. His public appearance made him realize the importance of appreciation for an artist, which is part of his driving mission today. 

Cenat soon started growing his audience on social media. It was quite challenging for a beginner to decode the algorithms of digital media platforms to understand how they function. With plenty of research, Cenat aced it single-handedly.

He began sharing his classic piano covers on YouTube. Being inspired by numerous other musicians, Cenat began crafting and sharing his own compositions. He wonderfully blended the soulful classical tunes with authentic Caribbean tones that created magic. These unforgettable classic piano covers helped him become a social media star. So far, Cenat has managed to engage more than 1.2 million people on social media with his music, and the number is growing. 

Being brought up in a compassionate environment, Cenat was always driven to help people. His struggles as a self-made musician made him understand the hardships that every aspiring artist goes through. Cenat was determined to make their journey less challenging.

During the pandemic-imposed lockdown, he noticed that more people were relying on the internet while spending time indoors. He took this as an opportunity to launch his book “Video Influencer Authority: Guide to Growing Your Social Online Presence and Making Money and Becoming a YouTube Creator.” This book is a go-to guide for budding artists to monetize their passion by developing a strong presence on social media through video content.

His extraordinary sense of music and passion for creativity helped Cenat get noticed initially, but he found his real opportunities through his social media networks. In his book, Cenat has shared all his hard-earned knowledge and experiences to help aspiring artists find audiences on social media and connect them at a personal level.

Jowy Cenat also offers a free master class to any passion-driven person who wants to take their talent to the next level. He believes in giving back as much as he can, and helping artists build the success he’s enjoyed in this career.