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How Musician James Auster, or Himanshu Sharma, Created Massive Hype Without Any Promotion

The paid promotion has been a popular method among new artists on social media to grab the attention of the audiences almost immediately. Organic reach on social media is often low and that’s why this method is becoming increasingly popular. The truth is, all these paid promotions can bring the limelight but can never promise to sustain it. Only a handful of unique talents have managed to survive the competition and James Auster is one of them. This popular beat creator and producer became a music sensation almost overnight when one of his compositions went viral on social media. 

Since childhood, James has had an intense passion for music. In fact, James Auster is the imaginary name he created for himself as a child. James Auster is the stage name of the popular beat maker, Himanshu Sharma. He somewhere felt connected to this name and used it as his persona. Being able to turn his passion into a full-fledged career was always a goal for James and he is now inching closer to achieve it. 

James Auster is a rising star in the music industry who is creating exciting beats in all genres of music. He started his journey in the music industry in January 2021 with his debut release “Lights Off”. The composition was well-received by the audience but did not create the expected hype for James Auster. He realized that this was only the beginning and that he must continue creating until his dreams become reality. He released four more compositions thereafter and received the overwhelming response he was waiting for with his recent release. “Aztac World” was launched in May 2021 and instantly became a viral hit on TikTok and Instagram. 

Having immense faith in his natural talent, James never resorted to paid promotions. He knew his passion will be recognized by the audience someday. The wait was over when “Aztac World” received more than 12,000 organic streams on social media. Considering it had no promotions on any digital platform, the response was incredible. It was a milestone in his career that marked his entry into the music industry. The composition earned him loads of positive reviews which encouraged him to create more unique compositions, as well as his own record label JA Records.

Currently, James Auster is working on more than 10 projects that are lined up for release, as well as growing JA Records. Among them are passion projects for James, He is working hard to thrill his audiences with something new and unique. James wants to make sure that his audiences don’t have to wait anymore and be a part of his musical journey by following him.

With all the success he has had only in a matter of a few months, James knows there is no looking back for him. The appreciation he earned for his genuine talent is enough to continue his journey in the industry forever, especially through JA Records. James Auster is an inspiration for many budding talents on social media who fear rejection and fall back to paid promotions. He stands as an example that real talent will be recognized even in the most competitive space.

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