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How Millennial Gamer Andrew Made Millions as a Professional Gamer

It was a day like every other he could remember in recent memory. Andrew got up as he always did, drove his car to work, and proceeded to sit there for the next nine hours. He clicked away at his desk doing the same dull and monotonous work he did the day before. Every two weeks, he would get paid what barely passed as a living wage. Rinse and repeat, he did this over and over, for years. He was completely unfulfilled and longing for a way out of it all. He then read about e-sports.

This wasn’t the first time he heard about it. However, he only heard whispers about it previously, usually involving e-sports leading to a select few professional gamers getting rich playing video games. However, an article he came across explains how e-sports was quickly becoming a very legitimate career. Excited by the details of e-sports he read about, he immediately looked into how he could become a professional gamer.

That was a few years ago. Today, Andrew boasts of being a multi-millionaire who doesn’t have to work another day in his life if he doesn’t want to. Since discovering and profiting off of being an exceptional FPS player, he has gone on to make a small fortune by not only gaming, but also teaching others how to achieve what he has. He now actively studies and researches new games, selecting the ones that show the most promise as having longstanding financial windfalls for players who become skilled in them.

The way Andrew made his millions was by first getting uncomfortable. After that happened, it incentivized him to radically change something in his life and take a big risk. He poured all of his life savings into getting the best gaming rig he could find and playing video games as if it was his job, and ended up being handsomely rewarded for it. This is why Andrew now shares his inspiring story with others, in the hope that they can also radically change their lives for the better. He believes that if he could do it then so could anyone else.

There is nothing particularly special about Andrew over others. He isn’t a rocket scientist or anything like that. However, he follows his intuition and backs it up with conducting research and practicing. Once that occurs, it just takes a leap of faith and a calculated risk to potentially completely transform your life. Andrew is a big believer in practice eventually making perfect, as long as you are playing a game that you genuinely love. With Counterstrike, Fortnite, and others, this has been the case.

Those low moments in life, as uncomfortable as they may be, are the ideal grounds for making life-changing decisions that can significantly improve one’s life. That is why Andrew is now someone who motivates others to look at discomfort as a message from Life telling you that there is something better for you out there; you just need to find what it is.