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How Michael Brian’s belief in Aloha paved the way to his success

The simple word Aloha means to spread positive vibes in a shared communication network which can become a successful business model. Michael Brian, an acclaimed musician, and a famous executive producer has proved it. He has an inspiring story of venturing into the arena of music to follow his passion and finally has built one of the largest record studios in Los Angeles. Michael’s business, Crosby Management, is a state-of-the-art independent record facility that caters to stalwarts of the music industry like Gunna, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Lil Wayne.

Michael Brian has modeled his business on the principle of Aloha to spread positive vibes among those who work with him or are associated with his business. The company has entered into prosperous deals with artists like Thug, Keed, and Gunna and others associated with his record studio as YSL artists. Michael Brian is an artist himself and also created his own compositions. He understands that the ideas and thoughts of an artist cannot be bound to regulations. So, he has maintained an open-door policy in his company. Everyone from artist to engineer is free to make their own decisions and can walk away if they are not comfortable with his policies. This open-minded attitude has made him more successful and his business more sustainable over the years.

At present, Crosby Management has a compound of 10,000 sq. ft. and can provide recording services for 25 to 40 artists per day. Michael Brian single-handedly manages the role of an executive producer, owner, and hospitality manager for his business. He believes that if he finds happiness in his work, he can spread it through Aloha to make others happy. It is this principle that has created a positive vibe around him.

Michael Brian has a refined taste for music composition and an exceptionally good ear for music. Being an artist himself, he was quick to assess what kind of facilities would cater to a music artist. This has gradually led to the exponential growth of his record studio. He has even cemented a deal with the Disney Company to work on their podcasting suites. With such ambitious projects in hand, Michael is positioned to scale up his recording studio to new heights in the future.

Michael’s road to success was not an easy one. At the age of 15, he dropped out of school and by the time he turned 17, he was living alone in an apartment in NYC. He worked hard from an early age to earn a living. With the money he earned, he used it to buy the equipment that would propel him closer to his goal of becoming a serious musician. He even managed to attract an amazing number of followers on Instagram at the time when the platform was at its budding stage.

At the age of 31, Michael Brian is a musician, a music composer, and an executive producer. He attributes his success to his positive approach towards life. He believes that challenges only make people stronger to face the next hurdle. He has taken all the obstacles to his success as challenges and learned from them to become a better person. He continues to learn from his experiences to become better with every passing day.

Michael Brian is a believer in Aloha. It is his little secret to building a sustainable business that helps artists prosper in their chosen fields. Just like music, he wants to spread happiness through his hospitality and take his studio to new heights.