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How Lior Poly Merges Rock and Hip-Hop Like No Other

Over the past few decades, many artists have explored integrating rap music with rock and vice versa. The most famous act to do this successfully is Linkin Park, with Chester Bennington as the rock vocalist and Mike Shinoda as the rapper. Other artists try to achieve this merger by collaborating with other artists, like The Roots, Jay-Z, or Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

Today, a young artist named Lior Poly is making waves in the music industry through his unique take on merging rock with hip-hop. Lior, an Oklahoma City native, is the former lead vocalist of the rock band Seuss’ Army. Before the act’s disbandment in 2017, they performed at various shows all over the country. Lior decided to step away from the band to embark on a new journey as a solo artist.

Transitioning from being a frontman in a band to the only act on stage was Lior’s first challenge. There were moments at the beginning of his solo career where he contemplated whether his decision to leave his band was worth it. However, he chose to push on and thought that nothing good would come out of feeling regret for past decisions. He honed his craft, sharpened his songwriting prowess, and tried rapping to spice up his brand of music.

From an artist’s perspective, Lior saw potential in merging his natural genre, rock, with his newfound skill in rapping. Linkin Park became his most significant influence in this endeavor and studied how the duo of Bennington and Shinoda captured millions of people through this unique genre. Slowly but surely, Lior morphed into a rapper who sings instead of a rocker who tries hard to rap.

Lior contacted some producers he had worked with while still with Seuss’ Army to launch his solo career. As expected, he received few callbacks but kept his head up and trusted the process. He knew the risks his departure from the band would bring, so he armed himself with patience to avoid being disappointed. Lior believed that his break would come at the perfect time, and it did when he started uploading content on YouTube.

Sharing his music online became more of a hobby for Lior than as a way of getting discovered. He mainly did covers from Linkin Park’s early works, like “Numb,” “In the End,” “Crawling,” and “Papercut.” His cover of “In the End” became his most successful upload, which gained over two million views on the platform. The same week the video reached this figure, Lior received a call from a music producer from a major label.

Lior didn’t hesitate to share his original work with the label, who immediately pitched in its offer for his tracks’ commercial release. The following month, he recorded his first studio album, composed of eight songs, seven of which are his original compositions. Lior released his first album as a solo artist, entitled Tread Lightly, from which his first hip-hop chart number one, “Fences,” came.

Fans and music critics all agree that Lior is the next big thing in music due to his unique musical style. He hopes to keep his momentum as he releases his second album in the second half of 2022. Lior hopes to inspire other young musicians to never be afraid of change and embrace evolution in their music.