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How KIDHANMA became the author of Amazon bestseller, “How to Be a Unicorn”

Known publicly by his pen name of KIDHANMA, Armin Mokhtarinejad was born in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1993. Darmstadt is a large city near Frankfurt and is known for its iconic landmarks, including, but not limited to the Wedding Tower, Museum Kuenstlerkolonie and the Frankenstein Castle (which dominates the south of the city). While KIDHANMA spent most of his childhood in Germany, the young author and his family are from Iran. KIDHANMA’s parents relocated to the famous German city, in the hope of building a better life for their children and giving the best possible opportunities for success.

However, in his own words, “growing up with a different hair color in Germany hasn’t always been easy”. While his early school years were difficult at times, the young writer found that he had quite a creative side. While he found the school days to be long and tedious, KIDHANMA would pass the time conjuring up stories and making music. At the same time, he discovered one of his lifelong passions: martial arts. To this day, the discipline forms a significant component of his life, as he continues to learn and modify new moves and routines.

As he matured and moved through school, KIDHANMA became quite philosophical. Like most people, he began pondering about life and the meaning of his place in the world. He started a metaphysical process of soul-searching, excitably trying to discover his passions, his beliefs and who he was as a person. With this laissez-faire attitude to life, KIDHANMA finished school and subsequently enrolled in college. His parents had sacrificed a lot for him to get there, and so he felt that it was incumbent on him to do them proud and pursue tertiary education.

After graduating from college with a degree in computer science, he started working for a company in a full-time capacity. Despite working at a great job with an excellent salary, partying with friends most weekends and getting involved in his martial arts classes, KIDHANMA found that he was unhappy. He realized that no matter how great a person might have it; nothing will make you truly satisfied unless you are putting your life into something you are genuinely passionate about.

Upon realizing that he was unhappy, KIDHANMA made a dramatic lifestyle change and became what he always wanted to be – a creator! He went from designing websites for companies and started making YouTube videos, producing his photography, making music and writing. As he started to channel his energy into writing, he found that he loved the process and began initial plans for a new book. This is where the idea behind “How to Be a Unicorn” was born!

The message behind “How to Be a Unicorn”

The general philosophy behind the book is about embracing your identity and being proud of your unique way of life. It’s all about pursuing your passions, eradicating the negativity in your life and developing that all-important “unicorn mindset”. After it was published, the book became an Amazon bestseller and has since generated a large following on Instagram.

With over 10 000 Instagram followers, KIDHANMA is now looking at launching a podcast and YouTube channel, primarily designed to support the philosophy of the book. Named eponymously after the book, the first episode of the podcast will be broadcast in December 2020. The podcast will feature guests that sought alternative, sometimes peculiar routes in life, and how they ended up achieving their life dreams.

If the career and life story of KIDHANMA resonates with you, then you should undoubtedly check out his new book! Learn how to live with a “unicorn mindset” today!