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How Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola Plans to Tackle Vendor Fatigue in the IT Industry

Technology powers all industries today. The advance of new innovations on a seemingly everyday basis provides unique opportunities for companies to simplify their operations to make them more efficient.

While the availability of all this technology is a plus, Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola says that there is a major downside: It causes significant vendor fatigue. In 2020, organizations used an average of 80 different SaaS apps to run different aspects of their company. That’s a 400% increase from the 16 SaaS applications that organizations averaged just three years prior.

The problem is that most of these SaaS apps are provided by different vendors. Managed Service Providers (MSPs), for example, work with an average of 17 different vendors.

“[That’s] too much overhead and a pain in the butt,” Fred Voccola says.

This can cause a litany of concerns, including the administrative nightmare of managing multiple contracts and service agreements, paying multiple bills, managing the platforms themselves and managing employee access to them.

In addition, an organization’s IT department must address significant cybersecurity concerns, as all these vendors need to access the organization’s core systems.

Vendor fatigue, as Fred Voccola says, may not sound serious, but it’s a significant problem that many organizations are facing today. It’s something that Kaseya, the organization he runs, is working hard to address.

Kaseya – which serves over 40,000 organizations all over the world – has had a lot of experience helping its clients deal with vendor fatigue. In fact, Voccola and his team would say it is probably the number one complaint in the industry.

Vendor Fatigue: Kaseya’s Plan to Do Away with It Once and For All

One of the ways that Kaseya is attempting to ease vendor fatigue for its customers while also driving down the cost of IT software is by either developing or acquiring all of the best-in-breed technologies and tools that an MSP or IT department requires. Kaseya can then offer all-encompassing and robust unified IT management and security solutions that are tightly workflow integrated and cost efficient.

Instead of having to deal with multiple software and services from multiple vendors, MSPs and small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) can now turn to Kaseya’s simplified and cost-effective solutions to meet all their IT needs.

To this end, Kaseya acquired Datto in June to further their strategy. Fred Voccola said that Datto’s Autotask is the best professional services platform (PSA) on the market, while its remote monitoring and management (RMM) remains well-loved by clients and its backup solutions cannot be beat.

By acquiring Datto, Kaseya will be able to provide MSPs with a more efficient IT solution with an average cost-savings of 15% compared to Datto providing those solutions on its own.

The Datto acquisition is particularly pertinent in addressing vendor fatigue, as Fred Voccola said that MSPs may now be able to reduce the number of vendors they use for IT services from 17 down to only one with Kaseya’s IT Complete solution.

“[That results in] greatly reducing complexity in managing vendors,” Kaseya’s Fred Voccola said. “We address this with workflow integrations. Because we own the platform and control the road map, we’re able to deliver hundreds of deep integrations, adding about 25 per month, on top of lightweight integrations we have.”

Kaseya has plans for additional expansion in the near future, with strategic acquisitions as the main cog in how Fred Voccola and the company plan to help MSPs address vendor fatigue.