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How Insurance Branding is Bridging the Gap Between Facts and Misinformed Public Perception

Insurance agencies are public service companies that mainly thrive on public reputation, positive sentiments, and reliable customer relationships. With the advent of social media, these companies have found a platform to directly interact with prospective clients and build brand credibility. The downside is more and more insurance brands are moving to digital platforms to increase brand visibility, making it a highly competitive space. Finding a ground to establish brand credibility can be challenging for any insurance company. This is where Insurance Branding is helping companies and agents alike find the right exposure by sharing their message to the right people. 

Insurance Branding helps insurance agents and agencies grow and monotize their personal brand through Credibility Enhancement Programs (CEP’s) which are guaranteed to improve agents’ online reputation or their money back. The company was founded by Luke Hessler, a digital entrepreneur and personal branding expert with 10+ years of experience.  

Luke’s story started in college when he joined a network marketing company with dreams of making it BIG! As a newbie to the industry with zero experience, Luke, like many first time entrepreneurs, fell on his face repeatedly for the first 6 months. However, this initial failure could not deter his entrepreneurial goal. He looked at his failures as lessons and soon learned he needed to improve his reputation on social media if he was going to succeed. Through trial and error he eventually figured out how to grow his brand and improve his reputation online. With a positive presence online, his next target was to leverage his brand to earn money. 

As his follower base grew, Luke was able to encourage people to join his team. He even started recruiting and taught some of his team members how to do what he was doing which caused the business to take off! At 20, Luke was already making 6 figures from his online business. With his team growing at a staggering rate, Luke started generating multiple 6-figures by the time he was 21, and at only 23 years old, Luke amassed an organization that consisted of over 30K people from 22 different countries resulting in over 10 million in annual revenue. 

With profound insight and experience in both network marketing and social media, Luke wanted to start a venture where he could monetize both. The idea materialized in 2017 when he founded his first agency. As his reputation continued to grow, Luke continued to attract higher level clients including 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and major celebrities. However, in 2021 he saw how misunderstood and underrepresented the Insurance industry was, concluded he was uniquely positioned to help, and decided to go all in by founding Insurance Branding. 

Insurance Branding’s Credibility Enhancement Programs (CEP’s) consist of 5 components, Instagram Growth, Instagram Engagement, Digital PR, Inner Circle Networking, and Education. However, depending on which program you participate in will determine how much of each component you receive. Good news is, all deliverables are guaranteed so you know exactly what you’re paying for regardless of which program you choose. In addition to their guarantee, they also offer a referral program called ‘4 for Free” where you can get your CEP’s for free by referring 4 other people to the program.

So far, Insurance Branding has worked with 100 million dollar agencies, dozens of top agents, and multiple industry Icons by helping them gain the social proof and credibility they deserve while simultaneously teaching them how to leverage their new found credibility to build their business..  Going forward, the company will further expand its services on educational information and training as well as additional social media growth tools and resources.

If you would like to learn more about how you improve your online reputation by building your brand go to and/or follow Luke Hessler and Insurance Branding on Instagram.