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How Hard Work Paid Off for Successful Data Scientist Navid Mashinchi

Navid Mashinchi is today enjoying success as a data scientist specializing in analytics. This has not always been his career, however, and he has worked extremely hard to get where he is. Mashinchi recognized the need to diversify his skillset early in his career and this has been instrumental in preparing him for his successes.

In the modern world, it is becoming essential that people are prepared to broaden their horizons and learn a number of transferrable skills that will guarantee them success in multiple industries. As technology advances and the professional world continues to shift, adaptable people are becoming the ones who find success.

How Navid Mashinchi Gained His Skills

To gain his skills and prepare himself for the competitive workforce, Navid Mashinchi prioritized a thorough and diverse education. His dedication allowed him to develop flexible skills which would allow him to thrive in a number of industries.

Mashinchi began with a Bachelor’s in commerce from the University of British Columbia. He majored in accounting so that he could develop skills related to numbers and money. To further adapt to the ever changing world, he then pursued a Master’s in data science at the University of Denver.

These two degrees gave Mashinchi fundamental and transferrable skills that allowed him to explore a variety of career options. They were instrumental in building his success in the data science industry.

Why This Approach Led to His Success

Through studying and staying aware of the shifts in the professional world, Mashinchi was able to cleverly equip himself with the attributes needed to impress any industry professional. He gained experience with tools such as Python, SQL, Data Cleaning, Data Visualization and Machine Learning. Particularly in the modern world, all of these are a necessity for making an impact in the data industry.

How You Can Pave Your Own Path to Success

Navid Mashinchi is the perfect example of someone to follow if you want to figure out how to pave your own way to success. In expanding your horizons like he did and equipping yourself for the rapidly growing modern world, you will solidify your place as a desirable asset to any company.

Through hard work, a keen sense of curiosity, and belief in your own abilities, you too can become an expert in your field. In following Navid Mashinchi’s example, you are sure to enjoy a long and fulfilling career.