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How Hafiz Parwani Is Working With His Dad to Become a Boxing Champion

Like every other sport, boxing is also a game where discipline and passion rule. Besides practice and guidance, boxers need to adapt to intensive training schedules that prepare them for the ring. Hafiz Parwani, a 10-year-old boxing champion in the making, is setting the benchmark for others in this sport. Hafiz and his dad, a boxing enthusiast and coach, are showing the world what it means to be dedicated to a goal. Coached by his dad, Hafiz has already become recognized on social media, with a follower base of over 33.8K on Instagram

Hafiz started his journey into boxing at 2 years old. At 10, he has already been through intensive boxing training over the last 8 years. This training has helped him develop his boxing skills at a young age. His hard work has earned him much recognition, which is commendable for any kid his age. Hafiz was in a few international television ads and was also featured in a video on the famous YouTube channel BoxingBar, which shares exclusive content related to the sport. The video shows young Hafiz using a boxing bar with the confidence of a professional boxer. The video has already earned millions of views on the social media platform, and the numbers are only increasing each passing day. 

Accomplishing all this at such a young age was not easy for Hafiz. He has had to juggle school and his studies to squeeze in some time to practice his boxing. This has been the most challenging part of his career so far. But after a while, the father-son duo has managed to figure out a schedule that works perfectly for them. They can now dedicate ample time for practice without sacrificing Hafiz’s studies. Dedication and diligence have been the biggest motivation for their journey so far. 

Hafiz’s father, who is presently his coach, believes that all the hard work will pay off sooner or later. All that sweat and pain from the training sessions will eventually make the wins easier for Hafiz in his future boxing matches. The duo wants to set an example for other kids to follow. They want kids and parents to know that pursuing their passion is possible while continuing school and studies if you plan a schedule. Hafiz wants to motivate other kids to think beyond their school and studies. His training from age 2 and his journey so far only proves that choosing a career before an academic degree is fine and can be truly rewarding. 

Hafiz dreams of becoming a world champion in boxing at the age of 18. At a time when most people discover their passion or choose to pursue a career, Hafiz is planning to accomplish his lifetime goal. Considering his track record so far, it is safe to say that Hafiz will be a well-known name in the boxing world eight years down the line. A significant share of Hafiz’s future achievements can be attributed to his father, who envisioned and laid the foundation for a solid career for his son in the sports industry.