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How Gemstoneuniverse is contributing to the empowerment of Women this International Women’s Day

Leading online gemstone retailer Gemstoneuniverse has launched an exciting new campaign in honour of International Women’s Day. Dedicated to celebrating women, the organization is encouraging people to reflect on themselves and make a promise to ignite change in their own lives. The contest was announced only a few days ago and has already gained a lot of attention. Their mission to inspire their community through spreading clients’ stories is apparent and is helping create positive change this International Women’s Day.

The contest is extremely easy for anyone to participate in, yet has the ability to drastically change lives for the better. The first step of the contest is simple: make a promise to yourself. This promise can be anything, big or small, but should be something that will have a positive influence on your life and your mindset. Once you have made this promise to yourself, Gemstoneuniverse asks you to share it either in the comments on their post or through texting their WhatsApp.

Share your promise with a selfie or with a video to inspire others and solidify the commitment that you are making to growth. Spreading these messages of love and self-empowerment will encourage others to do the same and will enact community change.

On top of committing to changing your life, you also have the ability to win great prizes through entering the contest. An entry puts you in the running to win a free personal Gem Recommendation Report (worth Rs 3700) and your very own Amazon vouchers and total awards totalling to USD($1000/) and above.

The contest is gaining traction with honest heartfelt messages shared not only by women but also by men.

This International Women’s Day, Gemstoneuniverse hopes to reward their patrons and followers with awesome prizes and with the knowledge that they have the power to change the world through inspiring themselves and others to live a life that they are happy with.

Entries can be submitted from now until the 14th of March with the winners being announced on the 28th of March on Facebook live. So far, many participants have made promises. Some of these include:

I promise myself that I will make time for myself (Me-Time). It means doing what I love & I can really enjoy. Many women (especially moms) do not make themselves a priority in their own lives. Me time should not be thought of as selfish or wasting time it is your window to reduced stress levels.”- Sunetra Kulkarni

“I commit to celebrate women’s achievements and let them know what a good job I sincerely belive they’re doing.”- Gagandeep Singh

“I promise to remind myself

  1. If you fail try again – every moment is a new moment with new hopes. This moment / day will never come again.
  2. You are invincible if you control your own senses, emotions.”- Priyanka Mehta

If you are looking for an opportunity to celebrate women, win exciting prizes and above all make positive change in your life, Gemstoneuniverse’s contest is for you. Encouraging everyone to inspire themselves, the contest is creating a community of empowered and positive individuals.

Abhijita Kulshrestha
Abhijita Kulshrestha Gemstoneuniverse co founder-Ace Astrologer, Author, Gemologist and Thought Leader. Image courtesy: Archives- Respected Guruji Shrii Arnav

Above: Abhijita Kulshrestha Gemstoneuniverse co founder-Ace Astrologer, Author, Gemologist and Thought Leader. Image courtesy: Archives- Respected Guruji Shrii Arnav

The Indian Gemstone Giant Gemstoneuniverse has a formidable presence on social media with a half million plus engaging community just on facebook and one of the co founders being the endearing and empathetic friend, philosopher and guide & being a representative of Woman Power- Abhijita Kulshrestha- Ace Astrologer, Gemologist, Author and thought leader.

Participate in the contest and make your voice heard by clicking here.