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How Finding Your Purpose Through Business Cannot Just Change Your Life – It Can SAVE Your Life

Just because you are a ‘queen’ doesn’t mean you have a perfect life, full of rainbows and butterflies, that lacks devastating sorrow. Such is true for ‘The Copy Queen’, Coach and Founder of the Iconic Copy, Social Star, and Direct Response Launch Courses, Tarla Makaeff.

Makaeff lost her mother in 2014, and the loss still plays a tremendously-heartbreaking role in her life. But apart from her beloved dogs, her lifeline was, and continues to be, her business.

“Sometimes, I really feel like online business saved my life,” Makaeff confided. “What I mean by that is the community and friendships you develop online — because you’re all working towards a common goal whether you directly worth with each other or not — you feel connected to that community in ways you don’t necessarily feel with friends outside of your industry who don’t understand what you’re doing.”

Above and beyond business, Makaeff feel it’s her responsibility to use her platform for a greater good. She wants to bring awareness to, among other things, mental health issues, which can be caused by obvious external factors (grief and loss) and more subtle internal factors (chemical imbalances and genetics). She hopes that by being open about her struggles she can help to keep this most essential conversation going as well as inspire others to realize that, with a resilient spirit, you can get through the most unfathomable challenges in your life.

“I know there is often talk about social media being so negative, and it definitely can be,” Makaeff went on. “But I think that there are also positive sides to social media that people don’t really talk about. For those who are lonely and depressed, sometimes those online communities can make a world of difference.”

While healing truly begins with self-love, Makaeff is an advocate for making use of the tools available to us to better our mental wellbeing. In her eyes, just the conversation itself can be a source of comfort and even empowerment when people recognize they are not alone.

“It’s so much easier to connect with others who have gone through similar things to you in your life than it is offline,” Makaeff said. “It feels like you meet more people with diverse backgrounds and ones who can just relate to you, because it opens up a vast universe of new connections and possibilities.”

Courses and Offerings

So what makes Makaeff such an entrepreneurial superstar? For one thing, her sheer will to keep pushing forward afforded her the opportunity to create stellar online course content such as Social Star, Direct Response Launch, and Iconic Copy.

Social Star

Social Star is a beginner online business course. Makaeff’s intention in developing Social Star was to help creative, heart-centered women who want to start their purpose-filled businesses online but have absolutely no idea where to start. The course takes students from day 1 (niche, target market, personal branding…) to generating their lead magnet and email list with foundational copywriting skills.

From there, students establish their first offer and market it on social media with Makaeff’s signature Social ‘STAR’ Method. This course highlights and teaches email marketing and social media marketing with a hint of copywriting skills.

“You need a thorough plan from beginning to end telling you about ALL aspects of the business so you can see the end game, and — voila — this course is it,” Makaeff said.

Students will:

  • Determine their profitable business niche and dream client
  • Create a free asset they can use on social media to attract followers and turn those followers into email subscribers
  • Build their email list so they can monetize their social media following
  • Identify their perfect revenue model and create their first offer to profit from their online business

Direct Response Launch

This is an advanced online business course Makaeff recommends total newbies take after Social Star, but it is perfect for those looking to brush up on their skills as well. Direct Response Launch focuses on business growth, sales, copywriting, offers, launches, funnels, and advertising.

“This course is about going from female content creator to female entrepreneur,” Makaeff explained. “It is full of higher-level thoughts that most women only figure out years into being online. It’s meant to supplement Social Star with marketing and advertising strategies that go beyond the foundational work through behind-the-scenes concepts I learned over my 13 years as a direct response copywriter for marketing agencies and freelancer for some of the biggest brands in the world.”

The series includes advanced audio trainings that cover a range of modern marketing techniques and is based on the timeless principles of direct response, which is a type of marketing that elicits an instant response by encouraging prospects to take a specific action. Students will be equipped with invaluable knowledge, exact blueprints, and total belief in themselves to sell their heart-centered products and services online with confidence.

Iconic Copy

A slightly-a-la-carte option, Iconic Copy is purely a copywriting course for creative female business owners. It is an advanced, full-blown copywriting course for women who want to sell their offer online with copy that connects and converts. The Copy Queen is still developing this course, and we can’t wait to see it!

About Tarla Makaeff

Tarla Makaeff, The Copy Queen and Founder of the Iconic Copy Course is bringing her vast experience as a 7-figure copywriter to help others learn how to craft their strategy and messaging for ultimate growth. Leveraging her decade plus of agency and freelance copywriting experience, Makaeff is helping hundreds of creative, heart centered female entrepreneurs start their purpose-filled businesses online and grow their brands with copy that converts. To learn more, visit