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Bleed eSports

How Esports Club Bleed Esports Made Its Way into the Industry

A few years ago, the idea of Esports was introduced, and at the time, it wasn’t taken seriously by many. However, over the years, the number of games, audiences, players, clubs, and sponsorships in the Esports industry has become too big to ignore. Esports has now successfully established itself as another version of sports with a growing fanbase. Esports club Bleed Esports is looking to make a recognizable impact in this industry. 

Bleed Esports founder Mervyn Goh is a visionary who saw what the Esports industry was becoming in 2021 and founded the club. At the time, it wasn’t easy, and Mervyn explains how it became a further challenge since they are based in Singapore, and most of the players were in Europe. However, in a few years, Bleed Esports has become one of the few clubs that could encourage and persuade players from Europe to move to Singapore, where Bleed Esports is based. 

Being able to persuade some top Esports players to move from Europe to Asia was an achievement for Bleed Esports. They managed it due to their stellar reputation and outstanding performance in numerous sports competitions. Bleed Esports gained first place in the SEA Esports Championship 2021: Singaporean Qualifier. They attained second place in the VCT 2022 Malaysia & Singapore Stage 1 Challengers. Bleed Esports also managed to get third place in VCT 2022 APAC Stage 1 Challengers, and this time around, they were only in the game for 5 months. 

After starting in 2021, Bleed Esports was quick to sign 5 players, UwU, LEXY, FirstLove, Chrysania, FrostyZ, and JarpiX. In one month, Eno came on as a coach and Calel as a manager. By the next year, Bleed Esports had recruited many more players and even signed a head coach. In May 2022, Bleed Esports had Ominous join the club as an analyst, and in May, they announced an academy team called Bleed Academy. 

Over the years, Bleed Esports has managed to win second place in the KJC Esports Valorant Invitational. They’ve also secured third and fourth places in the Royal SEA Challenge and first place in the Bleed Esports Christmas Showdown. In addition, Bleed Esports received third place in the A-tier of the VCT 2022: APAC Last Chance Qualifier. 

Renowned Esports players such as Pyth and Max “Maxie” Lönnström have also announced that they are joining Bleed Esports. In a Tweet, Bleed Esports wrote, “@maxieCS_ 🇸🇪 will be relocating to Singapore alongside Pyth!” once again showing the influence that Bleed Esports has generated over the years, enough to persuade some highly skilled players to relocate to Singapore. 

Bleed Esports founder Mervyn explains that getting to this point has been a challenging journey. In the beginning, players wouldn’t take the club seriously because it was based all the way in Asia. The team, however, made it possible and now has players relocating. 

With more than 18.4K followers on Instagram and another 6.4K on Facebook, it’s evident that Bleed Esports has made a significant impact in the Esports market. Mervyn and his team envision Bleed Esports becoming a household name in the Esports industry and the club that every Esports player wants to join.