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How Drippy London is making his voice heard in the hip-hop scene in 2020

Drippy London is one of the fastest-rising hip-hop artists of 2020, and it’s not hard to understand why. His latest album Freeist Banz has enjoyed significant success since its earlier release this year, and it has helped earn Drippy London a fanbase that’s eager to hear more.

Drippy London

Entering the scene with a unique and very personal philosophy behind his music, Drippy London has been able to stay true to himself and attract others with his sincerity. While a comparison to other artists is impossible to get away from in the hip-hop scene, he manages to avoid this for the most part by pursuing a style that is centred on his personal philosophy and not one that’s derivative of anybody else.

It’s no secret that the best hip-hop music is music that relates to the everyday struggles of regular people. For those who are familiar with the culture of this music scene and have been listening to the music for a long time, they will no doubt find a lot of lyrics in Drippy London’s work that speak to their inner thoughts.

Instead of trying to follow trends, Drippy London and his circle of contemporaries are focusing on carving their own niche in the industry.