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Dr. Robert Puff

How Dr. Robert Puff’s Happiness Podcast is promoting positive mindsets and profound personal growth

The Happiness Podcast is quickly becoming a widely renowned resource for helping individuals gather the personal skills needed for promoting happiness in their own lives. The podcast was created by its host Dr. Robert Puff in 2011 and has continued to grow and evolve. The aim of the podcast is to explore commonly experienced concerns or issues in the realm of happiness and provide tools for overcoming these challenges and achieving your goals. The podcast has now been downloaded over 9 million times and continues to make significant changes in the lives of its listeners.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Robert Puff, Ph. D. is a TV show host, author of 13 books, Psychology Today blogger and corporate trainer. He has dedicated his life to studying the steps we can take in our everyday lives to achieve happiness. His mission is to share his knowledge openly and help everyone learn about the actions they can take to improve their lives. Whether you are simply curious about these actions or are actively struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, the Happiness Podcast can provide the advice you need.

Throughout our lives, many of us ask ourselves the questions: am I happy? How do I achieve happiness? What are some of the ways that I can find happiness? The Happiness Podcast aims to explore and answer these questions. As human beings, we want to be happy, and it is something that we strive for above all in our lives. At times, however, this may seem unrealistic or even unattainable. The Happiness Podcast hopes to change that thinking and show its listeners that it is possible to be happy, though it does require us to take action. Happiness requires work and committing to learning about what we need to do to achieve it is the first step on the path. The podcast is this first step and will provide the guidance for the rest of the steps along the way.

Dr. Robert Puff’s Happiness Podcast

The podcast is published each week at with every episode focusing on a different common issue or roadblock on the path to happiness Dr. Robert Puff then discusses the strategies you can be implementing in order to adjust your mindset and help you overcome the problem. The podcast also provides insight into the methods that have been speculated about for improving happiness and communicates any interesting developments or theories that are related to happiness. Providing stress management tools and an effective plan for working towards the goal of happiness, the podcast has helped to transform lives and greatly improve the mindsets of its listeners.

Encouraging personal growth above all, the Happiness Podcast is giving people the tools that they need to think about happiness and allowing them to deeply consider what steps they need to be taking to reach it. Science shows that happy people live longer and it is only natural for us to want to feel satisfaction in our lives. Thanks to the guidance of Dr. Robert Puff, your journey to achieving happiness can start today, all in the convenient form of a podcast.