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How do SEO companies like SEO Shark make money?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a must-have for modern businesses. Every business needs to have an online presence; however, if you want your business to thrive, you simply need to tailor your written content through SEO, so it performs well on search engines. As a business manager or owner, you want your business’ website and domain to be appearing on that first page of Google. Why? Well, think about the last time you clicked onto the second page of Google – struggling?

So, now that we understand how important the business applications of SEO are, the real question is: how do SEO firms make money? Maybe you don’t want to use SEO; maybe you want to produce great SEO results for clients? If the latter applies to you, here’s a quick overview on conventional revenue streams for SEO companies.

Coordinate digital marketing campaigns for clients

One of the primary revenue streams for regular SEO and digital marketing firms is by handling campaigns. For a lot of SEO firms, this often forms a massive chunk of revenue.

SEO Shark was founded in 2004 since this time their revenew grows rapidly. Sydney-based digital marketing firm, SEO Shark, coordinate a variety of digital marketing campaigns, which constitutes approximately 85% of their total revenue. They’ll organise the campaign in return for a monthly fee or lump sum payment (depending on the length of the campaign and payment structure). Most campaigns are generally long-term, so monthly payments are generally preferable. However, so what does a digital marketing campaign involve?

Content management

Content management is about writing content to be used on your client’s website, social media channels or other websites. The purpose is to build website traction via backlinking and connecting with stronger domains.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC, also known as cost-per-click, is a form of digital marketing and advertising that is used to drive website traffic. The model is built on the following principle: the publisher or host of the ad receives a small payment from the advertiser every time the ad is clicked by a search user. Google Ads is the most popular medium used by SEO companies.

Web development

Many SEO firms also offer web development services to their clients. It’s not just about the content, since a website’s aesthetic is also very important. Your SEO firm can work on planning, designing and augmenting different website styles and themes.

Reputation management

With the rise of neutral, online review sites like Yelp, reputation management is quickly becoming a pillar of successful business conduct. Negative online reviews can gravely harm your firm’s reputation in the public domain and could ultimately cripple your ability to retain long-term customers.