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How Diana Perkovic is Making Your Daydreams a Reality

“I wish I could do_____”

“I wish I was more_____”

“If only I could______”

We hear those lines quite often. We say those lines quite often! It is not unusual to wish for something to be different in our lives. But, what if we stopped wishing and started doing? Well, that is exactly what Empowerment Coach, Diana Perkovic, and I sat down and spoke about.

About nine years ago, Perkovic lost her father, quit her unfulfilling job, went through a divorce, and moved cross country all in ONE year. While even just one of those things would be hard to go through in a year, she was swarmed with all four huge life moments at once. Perkovic was feeling lost, confused, heartbroken, and devastated. But, with an immense amount of resilience, she was able to pick herself back up, and make something new and positive from her hardships. What it came down to was, she found her authentic empowerment, changing her whole life for the better. But, the one thing she wished she could have changed about her journey, was she wished she had a professional to help guide her through it all.

So, after a mass amount of research, Perkovic founded her own company, Good Girl Mafia, a company designed to help women at any stage in their life find their authentic empowerment. One of their amazing features is their six week boot camp that guarantees you to find authentic empowerment. How it works is you and Perkovic create YOUR definition of what authentic empowerment is to you. After that, Perkovic will go to work creating your personalized six week plan. You will work alongside each other, building up your empowerment each day. Perkovic has an impressive tool box to pull from. She is a Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Motivational Coach and a twice over Certified Life Coach. This could be why the boot camp has a 100% success rate.

Becoming authentically empowered can be a confusing and hard path full of upside downs and twists and turns, but with PErkovic there to help guide you and be your best friend through it all, it will be easier than ever. All she asks is that you are seriously committed to changing your life for the better.

With your new authentic empowerment instilled in yourself, you will be able to accomplish the life you have been yearning for. Empowerment gives you the key to unlock all your goals, whether it be weightloss, confidence, a new job, healthy relationships, a more fulfilling life, etc. GGM will have you on your way to success. Check them out today!

Instagram: @Goodgirlmafia