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How Dan Oneil and His Unique Marketing are Changing Real Estate

Real estate is a fast-paced industry with so many changes happening each year. There is a lot that an agent, investor, or client needs to keep up with. Coupled with the fact that real estate is one of the most sought after professions, also makes real estate one of the most competitive industries, with many players offering consumers different options to best suit their needs. With quality guaranteed, the competition has been tied to marketing antics. How best you present your product has become a key selling point that can add value to the property you are selling. 

But for years, many real estate players have been tied to the traditional brick-and-mortar and extremely formal marketing practices. Though such marketing practices have been effective to some extent, they have become absolute, with consumers yearning for something new, unique, and captivating that can also break the monotony. Dan Oneil, a trailblazing real estate agent, is one of the top minds that have been able to find a captivating and informative marketing strategy that is completely changing the game. 

Dan is a 27-year-old real estate influencer and marketer taking over the industry. He has effectively managed to get into an industry of predominantly older agents who have been doing things a certain way since the beginning of time. “Making our unique, funny, and entertaining marketing videos has significantly helped in attributing to an industry-wide change,” says Dan. Breaking away from the norm and the way people view the industry and agents as a whole has been a game-changer that has led Dan to success levels that he could only have imagined. 

Making viral marketing and listing videos have paved his way to the top of the real estate industry and positioned him as one of the top rising agents in the business. Dan was crowned as Rookie of the Year for his exceptional sales numbers. He was also named in the Libor YPN top 20 under 40, Coldwell Banker Top 30 under 30, and also made it to the top 1 percent in the Signature Premier Diamond Circle team. 

Dan was also voted the Libor YPN treasurer at 26 and the youngest president-elect in history. He is also the youngest agent in Long Island history to break the $1m gross commission number. Dan is not yet done with breaking records, and he is going to be selling the first-ever 3D printed home built by a private developer.

“Being able so early in my career to have had the opportunity to share the stage with names like Grant Cardone, Tim Grover, and Brad Lea, podcasting with million-dollar listings Ryan Serhant, and even making cameos on Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House have been significant moments,” adds Dan.

Dan’s philanthropy of giving back also makes him stand out in the real estate industry. He managed to donate an estimated $25,000 and raised an additional $25,000 when COVID first hit and delivered meals to front-line workers. He also participated in the LLS man and women of the year two years in a row, raising vital funds to cure children’s blood cancer. He is also heavily involved in other charity programs with the hope of making the community a better place for everyone.