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How CommBox is revolutionising the customer service industry

CommBox is one of the most essential businesses propelling change and innovation to the world of customer services. Based in Israel, CommBox has been on an upward trajectory of growth since it was founded back in 2013. The company is driven by one central vision – to improve the functionality of customer service operations. How do they plan to achieve this? Well, by using the latest automation features powered by AI, coupled with smart self-service tools, CommBox is well on track to bringing significant change to the realm of customer service.

One robust, universal platform

CommBox started a reliable and highly regarded SaaS B2B partnership program, which enables CRM systems and contact centre software integrators to develop their omnichannel capabilities.

The Partners Program is also expanding internationally, providing tailored solutions for CRM systems, Contact Centres, and Integrators. By expanding their global reach, CommBox is effectively fulfilling its vision of becoming the first autonomous communication centre supported by live agents and powered by the latest automation features. The Partners Program is flexible and highly accessible, making it a must-have for any customer service firm.

Live agent support and AI power

CommBox has been at the forefront of customer service innovation. Their program is one of the first to be supported by live agents and AI-Powered Chatbots. CommBox is breaking down barriers when it comes to customer engagement on its all communication channels. Regardless of your company’s size, the CommBox Autonomous Omnichannel Communication Centre will increase your sales and strengthen your market share.

The CommBox platform provides users with the capacity to streamline their customer engagement through APIs and adaptable configurations. The program’s sophisticated routing engine uses vital components that enable users to build and define customised business roles. These roles can be based on core capabilities and by routing customer requests to the appropriate live agent by the AI-Powered Chatbot. If the conversation is too complicated for the AI system, the Chatbot will redirect the service to a suitable agent based on the pre-defined business role, which ensures that their customers are receiving the perfect tailored experience.

Success starts at the core

For CommBox, the success of their product can be attributed to its functionality. The platform employs a unique set of machine learning algorithms, which are designed to enhance consumer accessibility and practicality. By using CommBox’s Omnichannel communication Centre, you can provide your customers with a plethora of support channels, such as Social Media, WhatsApp and much more. All communication channels are managed via one central smart inbox. With their platform, the way brands and customers interact has never been more seamless.

Automation features that are ground-breaking

CommBox can provide recommendations on how you can automate crucial business protocols and coordinate more useful and reliable business decisions. These changes can be derived from several essential CommBox functions, like analysing conversations to pinpoint specific dialogue problems or reviewing critical metrics like the customer’s satisfaction score, response times, dialogue obstacles and other significant conversational concerns.

On top of this, the CommBox platform offers advanced collaboration tools, a knowledge pool, dialogue histories, along with automation rules designed for specific instances of user behaviour. The program utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and applications like natural language processing to produce an exceptional customer experience.

The platform has integrated enterprise-grade security capabilities that guarantee premium data security. It is loaded with features like automatic identification, whitelisting, 2PA and a lot more. Right now, CommBox has close to 16 million end users, along with over 200 companies (of various sizes) using the platform. The program can also be delivered in over 22 different dialects from all over the world. So, it doesn’t matter where you come from because the CommBox program can be translated for you.

Think you could benefit from a platform like CommBox? Don’t hesitate and start researching today!