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How college dropout James Parry built a dropshipping empire

James Parry, or Jay as people call him, has never been someone who could hold down a job for too long. In fact, he has probably held over 20 jobs between the ages of 16 and 23. Sticking to academia wasn’t easy for him either, considering that Jay dropped out of college. Not knowing what to pursue for a long time, all of that changed once he discovered the wide world of dropshipping.

Jay hopped between jobs for a long time because nothing really excited him. He didn’t feel that passionate about anything he was doing. However, what he always wanted to do was unlock financial freedom for himself. He knew that there was a cap on what he could earn when he worked for someone else. He also saw the many limitations of working a regular job. For example, he couldn’t work from wherever he wanted and had to play by someone else’s rules. Jay felt constricted by all of this, so he decided to take a shot at becoming an entrepreneur.

Hay embarked on his online journey with a gymwear brand. This was an ecommerce business where he held the physical stock. Pretty soon, he left this behind and sold his shares. It wasn’t exactly what he was looking for, but he felt he was getting close to what he wanted to do.

After his brief stint in ecommerce, Jay moved into the world of social media marketing. This turned out to be something he was actually really good at. He began helping lots of entrepreneurs with growing their Instagram and social media pages. Being a social media marketer who helped other businesses grow was great, but he was still helping build someone else’s empire, rather than his own. That’s when he discovered dropshipping.

James Parry
James Parry

This was an exciting time for Jay because he saw how the tremendous opportunities and upsides to becoming a dropshipper were. He could still be involved in the world of ecommerce, but he wouldn’t need to hold any physical inventory. He would also be able to use his social media marketing skills and use them to develop a dropshipping business.

Taking what he previously learned in his first entrepreneurial journeys, he would end up going down a path of extraordinary success that would change his life forever. The successes he has enjoyed would not have been possible if he simply settled for an ordinary life. Instead, he decided to do something daring and different, and it paid off very well.

Today, Jay runs a few dropshipping stores, which have done over seven figures in profit since the beginning of lockdown, which is an extraordinary feat, to say the least. Nearly all of his traffic is coming from Instagram, which is thanks to his skills in SMM.

To keep up with the latest from Jay, as well as get a regular dose of inspiration from this successful entrepreneur, head over to his Instagram page @Jaye.


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