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How Classtein utilises the online world to create an enriching learning experience for all

It’s no secret that the rise of digital has opened up a multitude of possibilities for educators and students alike. With the internet accessible 24/7 and giving us the opportunity for unique connections, online education platforms have continued to enhance the learning experience. Websites such as Classtein have been established to provide easy access to connections between teachers and learners from around the world.

What is Classtein?

Classtein has been developed by a passionate team who are dedicated to supporting the learning experiences of everyone, no matter what stage in the education journey you are at. Classtein provides a passage through which teachers and learners can connect and share knowledge in an efficient and simple way. Whether you’re a teacher looking to share your knowledge in a subject area or someone with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, Classtein provides you with an easy and effective process through which to connect.

How does it work?

Classtein is built off of a community of teachers and learners from around the world who are interested in exchanging information and growing their knowledge together. If you are someone with a good understanding of a subject area, whether it’s academic or non-academic, you are eligible to teach on the platform. Anybody who has a question that is related to your subject area can then reach out to you to hire you as a tutor that can answer their question. Alternatively, those with questions can also post it to the wider community and wait for a teacher with knowledge related to the question to reach out to them and express their interest in tutoring them in the subject area.

What subject areas are available to teach and to learn about?

One of the greatest aspects of Classtein is the wide variety of subjects available. Not only can you teach and learn standard academic subjects like mathematics or science, but there are also non-academic learning disciplines available. Subject areas such as cooking classes and fitness training are also accessible for those wanting to increase their knowledge of non-academic skills. This is a great way to gain valuable insight from experienced teachers that you wouldn’t necessarily get in a standard classroom.

What are the benefits of learning in this way?

Providing an online platform for teachers and learners to engage creates a community through which everyone is able to grow their knowledge and develop their education. One of the great things about the internet is that it gives us as users the unique experience to connect with people that we would never get to ordinarily. One good teacher can change a student’s life. While some students may not have found that teacher in the real world, Classtein gives you the opportunity to find them via the internet. Finding the teacher that inspires you to pursue a certain subject area can make a huge difference on someone’s education. The online nature of the platform also allows for 24/7 usability. No matter what time zone you live in or the time of day it is, answers to pressing or urgent questions can be found with the click of a button. Providing a channel to support and grow anyone’s education and ensure that nobody is left behind is extremely valuable for creating inspired and informed people.


Education doesn’t have to begin and end in a physical classroom. We are all continuously learning and searching for answers. Online learning platforms such as Classtein give us the means of contributing to our community through obtaining these answers and sharing our knowledge with others.