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How Brian Waldron Is Transforming the Events Space in the Physical and Digital fields

Brian Waldron is a young and blooming entrepreneur in the events space. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Brian was fascinated by entrepreneurship from a young age; he went from selling cards to candy to sneakers to working as a waiter at an Italian restaurant. His family moved to Queens, and Brian began to help them out with their small event space location in Brooklyn. Within no time, Brian became fascinated with the idea of renting space out for small events. He had acquired three event spaces within a year and began servicing hundreds of events in New York City.

Brian was distressed when Covid-19 hit in 2020; the events business was his passion, and he had invested so much time and resources into it. Luckily, he thought of a way out, and his life turned around. Brian quickly converted to teaching by hosting his first-ever online Zoom class in August 2020. To date, he has helped thousands succeed with their own event spaces by enlightening them with insights on starting, scaling, and automating their personal event spaces.

After Brian succeeded with his first major venture, he began branching into other income streams like Airbnb, real estate, and e-commerce. He believes one income stream is too close to none and compares it to a table without a seat. You have to make your seat to eat from the table, and for you to make that seat, you should at least have four legs.

Brian, now at 24, has accumulated almost $2M in real estate, significantly exceeding the millionaire mark at his young age, and plans to retire his family soon. “Brian saw his

Mom work every day when he was a child, and he firmly believes it’s now his to take over. He barely saw his mom until he was about 12 years old; she would work, come home, and they would have dinner and fall fast asleep before knowing it. She’s worked enough. She deserves to relax now,” Brian’s assistant is quoted as saying.

Brian will extend to philanthropy after retiring from his family. “I want to build a school where kids can learn several streams of income. College is great, but I feel it can prepare us more. Teach us about taxes, credit, and passive income. Push the needle forward, which must be a prevalent topic, especially in our community,” Brian shares.

Brian confidently believes in grinding when you’re young so you can live a comfortable life when you’re older. Using the time now sets you apart when you’re older, making him stand out among his peers. Brian is blessed and prospering after making $2.5M with his event spaces and helping thousands across the country start, scale, and automate their own event spaces. Consistency has been the golden secret to his accomplishments.

Brian has faced challenges managing and maintaining a team as he did not have any previous experience. Nevertheless, he is not a quitter and will always see things through. He advises any aspiring entrepreneurs to secure a mentor early enough. Brian has the vision to own millions in real estate, be a well-renowned business tycoon in a few years, and be at the Jay-Z, Diddy, and Oprah level of his generation.