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How Abbas Rizvi developed his unique style and became one of the world’s leading photographers

Abbas Rizvi has had a passion and a talent for photography ever since he was a child. Renowned for his keen eye and unique style of capturing people at their most authentic, Abbas Rizvi is making waves in the world of both fashion and wedding photography. His mission is to make each and every person he works with 100% comfortable so that their inner beauty can come out and be photographed by him.

It is this approach that allows him to create truly beautiful photographs that allow people to treasure their special memories forever. This creativity and a deep passion for what he does has seen him emerge as a highly sought after photographer.

Can you tell us about yourself and how you became interested in photography?

Photography has been an integral part of my life ever since I got a hold of my senses. I was very young when I started to click pictures for my family and friends, just as a hobby. Later, people recognized my talents in the field of photography, and that’s when I decided that there couldn’t be a better profession than the one that you’re not only good at but are also extremely passionate about. I’m also a very outgoing person, and love meeting new people. My work as a photographer has allowed me to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds and that’s the best part about my job!

How long have you been working as a photographer?

It was about 10-11 years ago that I was approached and asked to capture a family friend’s birthday party. That was the first time I was recognized for my exceptional talent in photography. Following that, I began my training, and worked for various different studios in order to gain experience before I started my own business in 2013.

What motivated you to open your own photography studio?

Once I started doing shoots for people within my social circle, people were so impressed by my work that they would often recommend me to others. Since I was working for other studios, I was unable to make time for this. That’s when I decided to create my own photography business, so that I’m able to pick my own clients and use my own creativity and sensibility to capture their memorable events! I also worked under another photographer, Hasan Aliyar, who I consider to be my mentor. He was the one who gave me the final push and helped me realize my own capabilities and talents.

What kind of photography do you specialize in?

Within the last decade, I’ve worked towards becoming proficient at both wedding and fashion photography. I’ve worked with several models and other celebrities and have even gotten some of my work published in fashion magazines. I’ve also done over 500 weddings all over the US and destination weddings all around the world, most of which spanned over multiple days. I also specialize in editing, which is often admired by all my clients!

What makes the photos you take unique?

I believe what truly sets me apart from other photographers is that I focus on the individual and how he/she is feeling on the inside, because that’s what gets projected on the outside. I always try to make sure they’re comfortable and relaxed, and I believe that helps enhance my pictures further. Every person is beautiful in their own unique way, but it’s all about bringing out that beauty from within in order to portray and capture it in a picture.

What can clients expect when they come in for a session with you?

Before they come in for an initial meeting, most of my clients are already familiar with my work, either on social media, through family/friends, or by seeing me in action at weddings. However, I try to show them more of my work through sample albums at my studio. More importantly, I like to discuss their vision and their expectations on how they’d like to capture their big day, along with sharing my own personal advice. Coming to a mutual understanding before the event is so important in order to be able to deliver exactly what the client wants. It’s their big day and my team and I would never be okay with it being anything less than perfect!

Do you have a favorite type of photography to do?

While I enjoy working as an event and commercial photographer, I would say fashion photography would be my favorite. This is because I’m able to control the environment and truly express my creativity through pictures.

What fundamental advice would you give to any aspiring photographers?

One of my biggest mantras would be never to look at other people’s work. Each person has their own interests and their own insights. The best thing for them would be to observe their surroundings and create their own picture in their head. It’s so important to make your own concept and shoot.

Thank you Abbas for your time!
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