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How a Local Barber, Ali Alhashemi, Became a Serial Entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur is a person who can persistently turn original thoughts into successful business schemes. A serial entrepreneur can make money by selling their prosperous businesses and investing the returns into a new start-up. Serial entrepreneurs have unquenchable curiosity and tactical relationships, are driven to scale, are excellent time managers, and know when to move or hold.

A serial entrepreneur should know how various business industries function, or else you are bound to fail. You should be unparalleled, self-assured, and reliant, have a high pain threshold, a craving to keep revolutionizing, and should not invest money first to

become a prosperous entrepreneur. Ali Alhashemi is a licensed barber, educator, investor, and digital creator. He also doubles as the president of Uppercutz Barbershop, CEO of The Groomed Man, and author of The Barber Al Story.

Upercutz Barbershop is Dearborn’s first real barbershop. Available in three locations, they operate throughout the week and welcome both booked and walk-in clients. The

Groomed Man is a one-stop-shop for all your healthy hair products. The organic products give you healthier hair with every wash, a sleek shine, and a fresh all-day look. In The Barber Al Story, Ali highlights his life story: raw and unedited, the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Ali Alhashemi comes from an impoverished background. His family immigrated to America and live in Dearborn, Michigan. Life has given them lemons, but Ali managed to make lemonade from them. Ali, his mother, and three siblings relocated to America when he was barely seven after a catastrophe in their home country. He lost his father and almost all his relatives. They lived in a tiny house where his mother could not afford to pay rent.

Life was difficult then, and Ali had little to no possessions. They came from an Arabic-speaking nation, and the language barrier was quite a challenge. Ali’s family could not even afford decent clothing, let alone food. This struggle caused Ali to start working at a very early age. He endured his struggles and beat all odds to become a successful serial entrepreneur with multi-million dollars in yearly revenue. Ali loves giving back to his community and has positively impacted many people along the way.

His journey to entrepreneurship was challenging. He had to learn everything without guidance, and finding the path to success was less about what he had to do and more about who he had to become. Amazingly, he flourished, and among his accomplishments, Ali is the proud barber for the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Lions. He opened a chain of  barbershops, started his hair product line, and is the author of the book, The Barber Al Story.

Ali advises upcoming entrepreneurs that every mistake is a blessing as long as you learn from it. “Mistakes teach the best lessons. Just never make the same mistake twice,” says Ali. He aspires to open a chain of barbershops and integrate philanthropy in his entrepreneurship, i.e., start a non-profit organization for helping the poor and giving free haircuts at one of his locations. Ali will also open a barber school to teach the craft of barbering in the next couple of years.