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How 19-year-old Karim Pina reached 100k followers on Twitter

Karim Pina is a 19-year-old who suffers from very rare illnesses. Ever since he was a kid, Karim has been in and out of hospitals. Staying home for great blocks on time eventually led him to look into connecting with his friends on social media. Today, he has over 100,000 Twitter followers. Now, he wants to share just how he was able to achieve such an extraordinary feat.

Having fun and not taking himself too seriously, Karim has found that others resonate with the content he shares on Twitter. He is also dedicated and committed to using Twitter as an outlet to connect with others. People need to find something of value in what you share, or you need to resonate with them.

Karim is one of those rare teens who struggles with an extremely rare illness called eosinophilic gastroenteritis. This is a digestive disease that is not the only serious health issue he has to deal with every day. He also was also diagnosed with esophagitis. This condition occurs when the esophagus is highly inflamed. Unfortunately, Karim was also diagnosed with one more rare disease. This one directly affected his mitochondria, which leads to Karim having sudden and regular seizures.

Karim has a way of engaging his audience and followers. There is nothing too complex about his tweets. He simply knows how to connect with people on a very elementary level. Even though every day is some sort of struggle for him, he looks to find ways to laugh about it. After all, laughter has been used as a coping mechanism by others for ages, because it really works.

By connecting with others and staying active on Twitter, Karim saw his follower count shoot up over the years. Since he had nine years to develop his Twitter account, it was easier for him to reach 100K followers than it is for most people. That is why he wants to share how he did it.

Engagement is key. Karim has been liking, retweeting, and replying to tweets others make on Twitter. This has helped him boost engagement levels, which is the most important metric on social media platforms like Twitter. Another key to his success on Twitter is to take advantage of the trending topics.

These are the most popular topics of the day, which means they get a lot of views. When you use the right trending hashtags, you get to receive significantly more traffic to your page, as well as engagement. This usually leads to gaining many new followers.

Twitter has been a great way for Karim to connect with his friends and others. Since he can’t live a normal life like most can, at least he can interact and engage with others using social media. Karim hopes he can be an inspiration to others. If he can achieve this level of social media success, then so can others.

You can follow Karim on his Twitter page @voecs.