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Houston Goodwin

How Digital Entrepreneur Houston Goodwin is Guiding 97 Display to Impact Lives

Growing a community is what CEO Houston Goodwin and his company 97 Display do best. In fact, the welcome page says it all, ‘We make future-proof websites that get you more leads so you can impact people’s lives.’ Simply put, if you are in the business of trying to better reach your respective communities, build a brand and promote recreational fitness and sports, this is the company you want to be involved with.

At 97 Display, a marketing software company, the aim is to connect fitness business owners with their local communities via a proprietary lead generation platform, including conversion resources and a unique set of tools. The main industry focuses at the moment are martial arts and fitness, each of which has its own plethora of devoted communities.

“We are building our own community made up of business owners and fitness and martial arts team leaders and impacting their lives by lifting the burden off of them to grow their own business,” said Goodwin. “We take care of that so they don’t have to: So they can go out into their communities and create an impact of their own.”

Houston Goodwin

Hailed as ‘Houston Hurricane’ by his team for his ability to quickly and spontaneously ideate helpful initiatives for his clients, Goodwin believes in the ability of communities to embrace the individuals within each group and in living healthy lives as well.

Goodwin is always seeking to help clients improve and thrive, but expects nothing less for his employees as well. This is why, in an effort to make them feel fulfilled, he has offered personalized initiatives in the past, such as helping some employees pay off their student debt. Additionally, employee wages were also increased by 50% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and he has continually made sure each employee knows that their contributions matter.

When he was just 15 years old, Goodwin began selling vacuums as a door-to-door salesman. He has always had a stout work ethic and understands the burden clients take on in trying to grow their respective businesses and brands. In fact, he even purchased a martial arts gym, which he owned for three years, in an effort to better understand his mission at 97 Display.

“All martial arts schools are born out of a passion for their craft and sport. That passion deserves to be shared, but unfortunately the smaller guys get drowned out by big box gyms,” he said. “I want to help people get their names out there. If you have a fitness or martial arts business, I can promise that people are looking for you, and 97 Display will help them find you.”

Knowing the Audience

The growth and potential of the fitness industry is exponential, according to Goodwin. The martial arts and fitness communities are doing more than refining their skills and molding their ideal bodies, but also tracking their results, updating their progress and documenting their journeys along the way, whether via an app, blog or on social media.

The need to improve and progress is at the peak of human nature and 97 Display understands the importance of not only telling the story for their clients, but being able to increase their communities as well.

“The advocacy that we do for people in the fitness industry is modeled from the fitness industry itself. We are your class instructors, your personal trainers, your coaches, just in the lead gen space,” said Goodwin. “We will fight for your business because we are behind you and we are your partner — much like the symbiotic relationships of fitness, itself.”

The company launched with the notion of ‘paying it forward.’ The communities of which it operates in are rising spaces, but the goals are the same: to help businesses grow, relinquish some of the burden off of business owners and allow them to lead their communities and audiences to better mental and physical states.

“The lifeblood of any fitness business is their local — or several local — communities. Whether you are a franchise, affiliate, or privately owned, you need real, physical people walking into your doors every day,” said Goodwin. “We are a community-minded company for our own community of fitness leaders so they can extend and impact their local communities of people.”

Healthy Online Growth

Founded in 2011, 97 Display is the top lead generation web platform in the martial arts and fitness industries. The company has helped thousands of small businesses grow their respective brand audiences in an effort to better serve their communities and transform their lives too.

The company utilizes an all-inclusive Internet marketing solution, while guiding clients in a membership model that provides services to optimize across their entire digital landscape, all with the promise of unlimited customer support.

Client goals are achieved across three key initiatives: search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation and a suite of lead conversion tools and resources. Some of the standout conversion offerings include Instant Connect, Connect and Convert and the LeadCore app as well.

“The mission at 97 Display is to empower martial arts and fitness businesses to more effectively impact their communities through internet marketing,” said Goodwin. “We have seen substantial growth each year since our inception because our customers keep making more money through increased web traffic and optimal SEO placements.”

Goodwin and Co. are achieving wonders for the martial arts and fitness communities, and the sky’s the limit for this overachieving and people-driven company.

“We believe that your community needs you,” Goodwin said. “So we’re going to help them find you. We’re going to lift the burden off of you to get those people to find you, because they need your help and guidance, and we want you to be able to get it to them!”

About 97 Display and Houston Goodwin

97 Display, led by CEO Houston Goodwin, connects local businesses with their communities through their proprietary lead-generating website platform and suite of tools and resources for lead conversion. Having worked primarily in the martial arts and fitness industries for its entire 12-year history, the company’s exponential knowledge for generating growth has helped thousands of businesses own the space in their local markets. For more information, please visit

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