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Highly talented music producer TEMPO continues to soar in popularity

These days, breaking through in the music scene is more challenging than it has ever been. With so many new and upcoming artists crowding our social media feeds, it can be difficult for a real gem to stand out.

Lucking, Benin-born music producer TEMPO – Horace Wangnin Saizonou has been able to steadily grow his social media following, with all of it anchored around the incredible original music he creates. With a focus on being true to himself, TEMPO has been able to build an audience from scratch that is beginning to rival those who have been in the industry longer than he has.

The secret to his success? TEMPO himself seems to be shocked by how fast his popularity is rising but is undoubtedly pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction he has gotten from his rising following on Instagram and Spotify.

tempo - music producer

Of course, managing social media channels with such rapid growth is going to be a significant challenge in of itself. Balancing his music production and managing his rising brand is going to be a test for TEMPO, but one that his dedicated fans are quite confident that he will easily pass.

To be successful in the music world today, you need to be able to market yourself and come across as sincere to an audience that has grown immune to typical ploys for their attention. In this respect, TEMPO has been highly effective, and he is as much of an influencer now as he is a music producer.

TEMPO is skyrocketing to new levels of success, and his music career will undoubtedly exceed all expectations. TEMPO is certainly an artist you want to keep an eye on over the next couple of months, and long into the future.