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Here’s the Perfect Standing Desk That’ll Make You Take A Stand

Standing desks are a trend which is catching onto more and more people across the office worker population. The whole world has become more aware of the health risks that sitting idle for long periods of time can damage your body and people have begun to take measure to avoid these risks. This includes regular stretches, walking breaks and exercise.

However, a more effective method has come along in the form of standing desks. Standing desks are a form of desk which can be adjusted to the height of the user when they are standing, and this allows them to work whilst they stand. But how does this help the user?

Hoo Robin Pro Standing Desk

The use of a standing desk, such as a Hoo Robin Pro Standing Desk, will ensure your health down the line in the future.

It’s stable and durable

This dual motor and three-stage standing desk is made with a strong and sturdy steel frame and a solid one-piece desktop, giving it more lifting capacity, increased speeds and less operating sound. The sturdiest triangular-shape leg makes the Hoo Robin Pro Standing Desk stable and wobble-free during adjustment at any height.

Quick and easy assembly

Pre-assembled desktop and frame makes the desk ready-to-use out of the box, and shortens the assembly process. It takes 5 minutes or less to finish the rest of the installation. The package includes easy-to-use tools, so no drill is needed.

Sedentary reminder

The Hoo Robin Pro standing desk has a built-in sedentary reminder. What this means is that after a certain amount of time, the desk will remind you that you need to take a break after 30, 45 or 60 minutes of sedentary activity to keep your body healthy.

Aesthetically pleasing

The Hoo Robin Pro Electronic Standing Desk is an aesthetically pleasing product which fits in well with any home office environment, regardless of where you work. It has multiple material and color selection options that integrates well with any interior design. It is important to have a nice-looking home office to ensure that you have a good mindset when you work.

Hoo Robin Pro Standing Desk

Keeping your desk tidy

Multiple organization solutions are designed to make your desk look tidy at all time. The cable-friendly design allows cables and cords to be routed through certain way to eliminate cord mess. Plus, an under-desk rotatory tray helps organize small items such as post-it, pens and staplers.

Hoo Robin Pro Standing Desk