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Here’s how GerkOne is Canada’s face for hip-hop since 2007

GerkOne is a talented and rising hip-hop artist from Windsor Ontario Canada. His first single “My Block” in 2007 was quite famous and was a hit on different streaming platforms like Myspace and YouTube. The new artist found himself being promoted by the veteran Detroit-based artist J-Finn, who trained him and gave him the basic ideas about hip hop music. Since then, J-Finn has been on GerkOne’s side to support him in the music world and also successfully got him directly under the spotlight, helping him get in touch with fans and hip-hop enthusiasts all over the globe. He also got him in touch with people related to the music world for him to create his albums and songs. 

In the year 2010, he released his single “Make It Happen” which is said to be his final single before he took a long break for 10 years from the hip hop music world. This single was also so very famous and gained a good number of streaming on social platforms. He took a long break of 10 years from the hip hop music world- from creating any song to not even releasing or writing or recording anything. 

Sometimes we don’t know what is going on in a person’s mind and it is hard to pinpoint why sometimes artists feel the need to leave their place of work and take a long holiday and get busy with their personal life or just relax. According to GerkOne, he felt like it was time for him to stop doing anything and put it down for a minute. And this 1 minute lasted for 10 years for him. 

These 10 years have made him more mature and given him the experience of life which can be seen and felt through his music and songs. After his comeback after 10 years, his first album is “Pardon My Attitude”. The album has 11 tracks in it. It was realised in 2020 and has gained a massive number of views on social media platforms. His latest album is “Count it All”. It is said about GerkOne, that Canada has a new face on the Hip hop scene. 2020 was a big year for GerkOne and he even came back again in mid-2020 with another banger “No Limit”, which was a success on YouTube and other music platforms, gaining a huge streaming. As he did not expect that it would be, such a hit and he is extremely glad about it. This also motivates the artist to do more better in his upcoming projects. 

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