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Health Carousel’s New VP of International Operations Combines Exceptional Nursing and Management Expertise

In today’s fast-paced business environment, leading an international company involves managing operations logistics on a global scale. In addition, an international business leader must respect their foreign partners’ laws, regulations, and cultural guidelines.

Cincinnati-based Health Carousel, a leader in the global healthcare staffing industry, recently announced the promotion of a healthcare leader who possesses all of these attributes. Donita Ross MSN, RN, NE-BC, CGNC recently assumed the role of ACNO and Vice President of Health Carousel International (or HCI).

Donita Ross’ Healthcare Management Journey

A healthcare manager’s background ideally includes solid clinical experience. With almost 30 years of acute-hospital exposure, Donita Ross meets this qualification. To illustrate, she previously managed medical-surgical, perioperative, and oncology operations at Tri-Health Hospital System. This 320-bed acute care center serves the needs of a wide-ranging patient population.

Making Her Mark at Health Carousel

In 2017, Donita Ross joined the Health Carousel Clinical Team in support of the PassportUSA Program. In this well-regarded initiative, hospitals and medical practices partner with international healthcare professionals who wish to build a career in a United States medical facility.

Donita Ross’ clinical experience enabled her to provide excellent service to Passport USA clients, many of whom consider her a trusted adviser. Not surprisingly, Ross’ outstanding achievements led to her promotion to the Director of HCI Business Development & Account Management. Donita Ross will apply her clinical leadership skills in her new role as Vice President of International Operations.

“Light the Way” Leadership and Regional Recognition

As part of Health Carousel’s signature “Light the Way” initiative, Donita Ross has presented information on United States career opportunities to foreign nurses. In 2021, Ross enhanced her credentials by becoming a certified Global Nurse Consultant. This certification demonstrates her understanding of the worldwide nursing industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Donita Ross has also received well-deserved recognition in the business community. In 2020, she was named as a Cincinnati Business Courier “Health Care Hero.” In 2021, the American Staffing Association awarded her the organization’s “Women in Leadership” Scholarship.

These accomplishments, and her recent promotion to Health Carousel’s Vice President of International Operations role, demonstrate that Donita Ross is an inspiring leader and role model. She will join the company’s leadership team as they continue to build on the firm’s notable successes.

Healthcare Staffing Shortages: A Nationwide Problem

Throughout the United States, hospitals and medical practices aim to operate efficiently and provide top-tier patient care. To do that, these medical facilities must have a sufficient number of medical professionals on duty at all times.

Very often, staffing shortfalls (especially Registered Nurse shortages) mean the facilities don’t achieve their goal. Therefore, patients must frequently endure long waits to see their healthcare provider.

How Each Facility’s Staff Is Affected

When a hospital unit or medical practice doesn’t have enough staff, existing healthcare professionals must work additional hours. In fact, they often pull extra shifts. Sometimes, this can result in exhaustion and lead to unfortunate errors.

When these healthcare professionals reach their personal limits, they may decide to leave their profession. Although some workers retire early, others choose less-stressful and more predictable work.

To further complicate the issue, many highly skilled healthcare professionals are simply aging out of the workforce. Without new generations to replace these workers, optimal patient care could be difficult to achieve.

Health Carousel Offers a Multifaceted Solution

Established in 2004, Health Carousel is now the United States’ ninth-largest healthcare staffing firm. The company actively serves hospitals and medical practices in all 50 states, expanding its client base every year. Clients in large cities, small towns, and rural areas utilize Health Carousel’s recognized staffing expertise.

Health Carousel offers diverse career opportunities for Registered Nurses, physicians, advanced practice professionals, and allied health workers. Contract, temp-to-perm, and permanent assignments are available in numerous parts of the country. Entry-level team members, along with highly experienced professionals, will find challenging and rewarding opportunities.

Skilled Healthcare Recruiters Make the Difference

In today’s challenging job market, recruiters must be at the top of their game to find the candidates they need. Fortunately, experienced Health Carousel recruiters know their respective regional markets very well.

Each recruiter also has access to the latest recruitment technology and digital tools. Together, these advantages enable Health Carousel’s recruitment team to identify the best healthcare team member for each client assignment.

Although finding qualified candidates is important, Health Carousel accomplishes this goal while adhering to rigorous ethical recruiting and hiring standards. In fact, Health Carousel has earned numerous industry awards for its dedication to ethical recruitment.

Four Divisions Address Clients’ Wide-Ranging Needs

Each United States hospital and medical practice has distinct staffing requirements. Many of Health Carousel’s client requests involve short-term staffing needs. However, other facilities want (or need) to redesign their entire workforce infrastructure. Either way, Health Carousel embraces the challenge and finds the right solution.

Travel Nursing Services

Registered Nurses are the cornerstone of quality patient care. Unfortunately, many United States hospitals and medical practices don’t have enough nurses to fulfill the facility’s staffing needs. The COVID-19 pandemic further complicated the problem, as more patients needed care while some nurses were home sick with the virus.

Regardless of the staffing shortage’s cause, highly skilled travel nurses are ready to provide the solution. Health Carousel’s Travel Nursing (or HCTN) Division regularly fills Registered Nurse staffing requests throughout the country. Short-term and mid-length assignments are generally available, often with multiple starting dates.

With an efficient infrastructure and talented recruiters, team members can readily identify qualified candidates in every region. Nurses with specialty certifications and/or skill sets are frequently in higher demand.

Locum Tenens Services

Hospitals and medical practices rely on physicians and advanced practice professionals to direct patient care. When these highly skilled practitioners schedule time off, qualified professionals must step in to temporarily fill these positions.

The Health Carousel Locum Tenens (or HCLT) Division possesses the resources to fulfill these staffing requests. Skilled HCLT recruiters comb through each state’s qualified candidates, selecting the right one for each assignment.

Finally, the HCLT hiring team swiftly executes the credentialing and logistics work. This enables the physician or advanced practice professional to confidently step into their assignment.

Custom Workforce Solutions

Because each hospital or medical practice has distinct workforce challenges, a “one-size-fits-all” approach won’t provide an optimal outcome. Fortunately, the Health Carousel Workforce Solutions (or HCWS) Division has the resources to design (and implement) a custom solution.

The HCWS Chief Nursing Officer begins the process by bringing in a clinical expert team. After studying the client’s staffing challenge, the team creates a tailored solution. A workforce management team gets the program online and fine-tunes it to achieve the best results.

Managed Services Provider Solutions

Business operations challenges typically result from several interrelated factors. Medical facility staffing issues also contain multiple components. To devise a realistic solution, getting to the heart of the problem is necessary.

Fortunately, the Health Carousel Managed Services Provider (or MSP) Division’s team members are equipped to handle this challenge. To begin, MSP experts pinpoint the problem and its source. Next, a clinically supervised workforce team uses sophisticated technology and industry expertise to find a solution.

Once the client’s custom staffing strategy is in place, the facility has reduced the need for contingent staff. A more stable workforce facilitates increased revenues and an improved bottom line. The facility’s employees may enjoy higher job satisfaction, which can enable improved patient care.

Health Carousel International Provides Longer-Term Staffing Solutions

When a United States hospital or medical practice desires a longer-term staffing solution, they submit a staffing request to Health Carousel International (or HCI). This highly regarded firm works with global healthcare professionals who want to pursue a healthcare career in the United States.

Health Carousel’s PassportUSA Program is uniquely designed to help these foreign-educated healthcare professionals. HCI’s experienced recruiters regularly partner with Registered Nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and medical technologists seeking United States healthcare assignments.

During the process, HCI team members handle the hiring and credentialing work. When each worker steps into their workplace assignment, they are ready to work on Day One. Throughout the healthcare professional’s assignment, the HCI clinical team enables the employee’s professional development. This includes maintenance of needed certifications and/or credentials.

Ethical Recruitment Practices Are Key

Health Carousel International regularly partners with global healthcare professionals who want to work in the United States. Concurrently, HCI takes steps to maintain a stable workforce of Registered Nurses in origin countries.

For its ongoing efforts, Health Carousel International has received recognition for its ethical nurse recruitment and hiring operations. The non-profit Alliance for Ethical Recruitment Practices has awarded HCI the coveted “Certified Ethical Recruiter” designation. The Alliance is a well-regarded organization that seeks to further overseas’ healthcare professionals’ transparent and fair recruitment.

Health Carousel’s Acclaimed “Light the Way” Initiative

Health Carousel appreciates its Registered Nurses’ services, and the company consistently takes steps to facilitate the nurses’ professional development. Health Carousel’s “Light the Way” Initiative actively supports this goal in its United States operations and in other countries where the firm maintains an active presence. After an international nurse wraps up their first Health Carousel assignment, they are eligible for the “Light the Way” professional development benefits.

The Health Carousel “Light the Way” Initiative supports its Registered Nurses in earning their graduate or postgraduate degrees. Equipped with this credential, these nursing professionals are ideally equipped to teach the next generation of nurses.

Through this ongoing program, Health Carousel can help to increase participating countries’ Registered Nurse complement. As more skilled nurses enter the field, medical facilities will be better equipped to deliver high-quality patient care.