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The Value of Providing Tailored Concierge and Lifestyle Services, According to Hayes Thomas of HCT Finance

Both concierge and lifestyle services play a significant role in the lives of millions of people worldwide, especially those living hectic lifestyles with little to no time for themselves. Noticing the demand for lifestyle management services that simplify tasks to make them easier for individuals, Hayes Thomas decided to start a business to provide such services to clients. HTC Finance has since made a name for itself within the concierge and fintech space while gaining recognition from high-profile clients.

Using One Good Idea to Start the Business

HCT Finance became an incredible success relatively quickly because of an idea that came to Hayes Thomas one day. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he had a professional football career. He’d often spend time around his colleagues and peers, noticing that many of these people had limited time available to complete different tasks, such as booking flights, renting cars, or even finding the best spots to hang out for drinks and more. After ending his football career and spending time promoting in nightclubs, he brought his idea to life and ultimately decided to start a business that now serves thousands of high-profile clients each day.

“The company exists because there was a need for lifestyle management services. I witnessed firsthand the experiences of my colleagues and peers, so I knew that many people like them with busy lives could use these services and benefit from them,” shared Thomas Hayes. “We’ve created a platform that brings everything together in one place, whether clients need to check their banking information, find good restaurants, book flights, plan trips, and much more. So, despite hectic and unpredictable lives, clients can make reservations, find places to visit, get rental cars when they need them, and even have food delivered to them with ease.”

Overcoming Challenges While Adapting to Changes

Although the company has become widely successful, it has faced numerous challenges along the way. “COVID has created a real struggle within the concierge space. The pandemic impacts anything that has to do with people being together in a confined space, such as at a nightclub or in a restaurant. These are places that people would normally visit but might not be able to at certain times because of COVID. However, we’ve learned to adapt to it and use what we’ve experienced to our advantage,” shared Hayes Thomas. “The goal is to offer an extensive list of services that account for the world we’re currently living in, where social distancing and restrictions are in place in many areas.”

Hayes Thomas maintained an optimistic mindset and allowed his drive to navigate him through some of the most difficult challenges the company has faced so far. He’s continued to work hard, make sacrifices, and take risks to bring forth such an incredible platform that has become a time-saving lifestyle management solution for many people. While regularly adding new and innovative services to the list of what the company offers, he is confident that HCT will quickly become the leading lifestyle management service globally, with millions of people taking advantage of the opportunity to have routine services simplified.