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Hanna Shanar

Hanna Shanar is an Inspiration for Young Scholars

Hanna Shanar, 22, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Growing up, Hanna was always fascinated by the wonders of the human body. After highschool, he attended the University of St. Thomas, a private religious undergraduate institution, to further his education. He majored in biology, and enjoyed studying philosophy and theology throughout his undergraduate career.

Astonished by facts like, “The human heart will beat over 2 billion times in an average life span,” Hanna quickly started to admire the fields of science and medicine. Although he began medical school 3 years younger than the average matriculating medical student, Hanna has still explored his passion for science by contributing to meaningful research with Forbes ranked cardiologist, Heinrich Taegtmeyer. His previous contributions to research in cardiac metabolism were published in the American Heart Association’s Volume 126 of Circulation Research in January, 2020.

Through Hanna’s most recent Instagram post to over 16,000 followers, he reiterates how magnificent the human body is, and how much researchers have yet to learn. As an aspiring cardiologist himself, Hanna deeply appreciates the complexity of the heart, and hopes to continue innovative research in the near future.

Through his wits and experiences, Hanna crafted a twenty-five-thousand word manuscript focused on exploring the origin of life. He delves into slightly controversial topics through a complicated, yet understandable, analysis of philosophical, biological, and theological ideas. Evolution and the existence of God are some of the major talking points of his short, but powerful piece of work. His book is set to be self-published through Amazon in mid-July 2021.

To keep up with Hanna’s journey, follow him on his Instagram page at the handle @hannashanar. Weekly posts and constant updates are provided to his followers, so those interested are able to have a sneak peak into the life of a medical student, researcher, and soon to be published author. Through his rapidly growing following, Hanna Shanar is proving to be an influential voice for young scholars across the world.