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Halsey on how to fly in style with knee-high boots

Halsey has proven time and time again that her style is just like her music: bold and magnetic. She’s one of the music industry’s next-generation style icons and she’s worn her colors proudly. And when it comes to some downtime on a private jet, she’s no different.

The “Graveyard” hitmaker made sure to keep it fly while wearing a graphic T-shirt under a cozy tie-dyed fuzzy jacket. While all that is cool for comfort, Halsey took her outfit and kicked it up a notch with fishnet tights and black knee-high boots studded with stars.

Fishnets are a timeless classic that adds an edgy and bold look to spice up an outfit. It’s a signature for pop stars like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and more.

Halsey’s unconventional travel wear may have included pointed toe boots but she sure made it look comfortable. The singer posted a photo of herself on Instagram. In the caption, she greeted everyone and even teased a new album coming our way. The caption wrote:

“Swipe for a surprise. Hope everyone had a great holiday. Now let’s get this New Year’s business on a roll. I have an album to put out, capisce?”

See the look in her photo below:

Halsey on how to fly in style with knee-high boots
Photo: Instagram | @iamhalsey

Halsey’s latest music was released recently and has already earned buzz. The collab between her and band Bring Me the Horizon appears in the band’s new EP. The new song titled ‘¿’ is the pop star’s latest attempt at showing off her rock roots.