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Guyana’s Top Racing Team, Team Mohamed’s Inspires Others

Due to increased international car racing and road racing events, the global motorsport scene has grown significantly and become more popular. Many sportspeople invest money in this sport and reap the rewards by competing in international tournaments. Many large teams are now entering this arena as it increases in profitability, but one squad that has recently caught the attention of racing circuits is Guyana-based Team Mohamed’s.

Team Mohamed’s is one of the Caribbean’s best professional racing teams. They have a fleet of powerful automobiles, including three GTRs with horsepower ranging from 2,000hp to 2,500hp. These are extremely fast cars with a perfect record in racing across Guyana and the Caribbean. The team has also recently added more vehicles to its racing fleet to improve its competitive edge. Team Mohamed’s has also played a key role in developing overall racing in the country.

Their main goal has been to expand racing as a sport in all aspects. As a result, the racecourse and infrastructure at the South Dakota Circuit have been improved. They have invested millions of dollars in developing Guyana’s racetrack, including constructing pavilions and restroom facilities, importing sophisticated equipment, and track upkeep. Basically, they’ve been doing everything they can to make the sport in Guyana more competitive and diverse.

According to Mohamed, racing in Guyana has a bright future ahead of it. But to continue developing, the sport still requires more sponsors and significantly more people to come on board and support it; once that happens, there will be no stopping it. When asked about the team’s future ambitions, Mohamed says, “I want to see Team Mohamed’s in sync with the world’s best and make it a household name globally in the professional motor racing sports arena.”

To bring a competitive edge to Guyana’s racing scene, Mohamed and the team have been working tirelessly to create networks with other top racing drivers from the United States of America, Canada, and England. Their goal is to invite or hire these drivers to race in Guyana and help develop the infrastructure overall to race cars in the country. Besides racing, Team Mohamed’s are also equally active in supporting and sponsoring other sports areas in the country like football, basketball tournaments, etc.

Anchored on the same goals, Team Mohamed’s insists that you need the desire to grow continually, setting new goals after every accomplishment to remain competitive. Unlike what some people might believe, growth doesn’t always need to be monetary. The team believes that it can come in various aspects of life other than money. It can include knowledge and expanding your experience to achieve more greatness. Sharpening your skills and enriching your knowledge will place you in a better position to move at speed with the many changes in the business landscape.

In addition, Mohamed wants everyone to acknowledge the role of a team in the journey to success. Having the right team to prepare, plan, and execute your goals is critical for success in the drag racing world. Preparation is the key to winning and is the foundation of any race, whether racing or any other industry.