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GRY Makes a Statement with His Debut Single, “Now or Never”

GRY is the recent addition to the Dharma label team that’s captivating EDM fans with his debut track, “Now or Never”, which was released on April 23, 2021. It’s an amazon new track that features Nevve, the singer, and music producer Thomas Gold.

The masterpiece is a mixture of different virtual sound genres that blend with an equally catchy and entertaining beat. To GRY, it’s a track about going on a thrilling spontaneous trip and making the most of the moment. It’s considered an exciting hybrid track that is a blend of future house and slap house with a refreshing addition of exotic flute. It has beautiful-sounding instruments and an energetic beat that moves the crowd. The song was an experimental work, but it turned out to be really good that it has captured the imagination of EDM fans around the world.

GRY, whose full name is Ali Grey, was immersed in the music industry from a young age. Growing up in Turkey exposed him to instruments like drums, violins, and piano. However, Ali officially entered the music scene as a teenager at 16 when he was actively involved in planning parties in the abandoned warehouses in London. He would listen to lots of UK house, garage, jungle, and old school dubstep. He was always captivated by the magical effect music had on the diverse crowds. Also, seeing the DJs Ali had invited perform and thrill the public with their music selection also lured him to start his DJ project. Since then, GRY has visited over 40 countries worldwide to gain inspiration and make music.

GRY is widely known for his mixing skills that use real instruments to progressively take the crowd to euphoria and put them in a rhythmic flow. GRY also has extraordinary skills in the drum, bass, and old-school dubstep.

Ali’s experience as a DJ and music producer has been instrumental in his quest for inspirational soundtracks. GRY looks into producing visual narratives to meaningful audio experiences and leaves everything to his listener’s imagination. He has mastered the art of multi-genre creations and animated live performances such as the recent one he had in Taipei. This has seen him be featured on EDM.COM,,, and WeRaveyou. However, GRY maintains an open-minded approach when settling on a particular genre and loves experimenting with different sounds.  

“Now or Never” is just the beginning, and GRY promises to keep up with the enthusiasm of fans to produce timeless and inspiring music. He is looking to build on the track’s warm reception and is already working on a follow-up release.

Focus and persistence are Ali Grey’s key attributes and he advises all artists to adopt them to grow in their careers. He takes every day as an opportunity to be a better version of himself. He is a self-motivated individual and often finds himself trying to do too much all by himself. Though this seems like a weakness at times, it is also his greatest strength.

GRY is eagerly waiting for the pandemic to end so that everything can return back to normalcy. He is looking forward to holding more festivals and celebrating life with friends again.