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Grace Yeboah Ofori is combining her African heritage with contemporary style

Grace Yeboah Ofori, founder of TruFaceByGrace, is someone who cares deeply about not only preserving African cultural heritage, but incorporating it into the lifestyles of contemporary Africans and those of African-decent. She is passionate about creating unique designs that carry the authenticity of their cultural origin while also delivering something new and exciting.

Leaving her home country of Ghana at the age of just 15, Grace moved to Canada, and then the USA in 2014. Grace considers her work part of a creative journey she has followed since she set out abroad and as part of a social enterprise that helps promote African culture.

Grace has carefully researched her designs so as to ensure the authenticity and correct use of each cultural motif she incorporates. With the utmost respect for indigenous cultures and their traditional craftsmanship and artistry, Grace is able to generate a result that hits all the perfect notes.

The pieces Grace designs are both fun and culturally impactful, inspired by the limitless imagination of African cultural iconography that has stood the test of time for millennia. Grace has applied her unique touch to everything from statement jewelry , accessories and apparel. Afropunk, BurningMan and Natural hair show /festival attendees love her pieces as well as regular folks.

Grace Yeboah Ofori

Grace’s fusion of traditional African cultural motifs and contemporary design principles achieves a beautiful harmony that’s hard to match with any other brand of clothing that claims to be African-inspired. The sincerity and authenticity behind Grace’s work is what makes it so breathtakingly memorable, rather than something that comes off as pandering to a market niche.

TruFaceByGrace is a brand that successfully allows people to really ‘own’ their African heritage without it feeling like they’ve stepped out of a time machine for the sake of making a statement. Grace’s work shows that traditional African cultural fashion doesn’t need to be stuck in old mindset but can actually be continued in an authentic and genuine way in the modern world.

Grace’s sincerity is not only evident in the research she does, but in how she partners with local African craftsmen and women to support impoverished communities, and especially help women find better economic opportunities. TruFaceByGrace uses a group of women that provide handcrafted designs that leverage local sources and recyclables so as to help preserve the natural environment.

This is one of the core values of Grace’s brand; helping to create opportunities for craftsmen and women in developing countries to earn a stable and fair income for the amazing work they do. The priority is to help impoverished Africans, especially women and girls, to leverage their unique talents to build careers with dignity, and that enable their long-term economic independence.

With this in mind, Grace’s customer’s can rest assured that the money they spend with her is being reinvested in helping the lives of Africans in Ghana and other countries. This extra step to ‘give back’ to the traditional cultures that her work borrows from is one of the many reasons Grace’s work is so respected.