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Google’s Page Experience is Coming – Are You Ready?

The buzz is that most businesses are not ready for Google’s new update that is all set to roll out in just a couple of weeks.

But is that a problem and should you do something about it?

Yes to both questions!

Circling back to some basics, let’s take a look at what this is and what every business needs to do.

Each year Google tweaks its search engine algorithms – (something like thousands of tweaks or changes or improvements every year) some of them minor, and some major. The major enhancements have a significant impact on the ranking of a website.

The next big update from Google is to be rolled out mid-June. This update is called the “Page Experience” and it involves Core Web Vitals.

The Core Web Vitals

The Core Web Vitals track a visitors overall experience on a page – does the page load quickly? Is the user able to interact with the page? How is the visitor’s overall experience on the page? Key factors that have been around as ranking factors for a while now, but are now the focus of the new Update from Google.

Of these vitals, there are three factors that are of utmost importance –

The Core Web Vitals track

The LCP – or the largest contentful paint – which tracks how long it takes for the largest piece of content on the page to load.

The FID or the First Input Delay – which tracks how long it takes for a website to process the request of a visitor.

The CLS or the Cumulative Layout Shift which tracks how stable the website is, and how the various items on a page shift while the page itself is loading.

A good customer experience is something that brands and businesses need to focus on particularly, when they have customers who come to their webpages to transact or look for specific information. And now with Google’s imminent update, just around the corner, it will affect their ranking as well. Brands need to sit up and take notice of this and go one step further and do something about it.

Banks and insurance companies come to mind, straight off the hat – since they offer almost identical products, the quality of service that they offer is one of the key factors that makes the difference between a brand that succeeds and one that doesn’t.

But ready are banks for this update from Google? A recent study (from Xerago, a marketing services company) found that “Of all the Top banks in the world, banks in North America are seriously under-prepared to handle the upcoming Google’s page experience update”

Google’s Update
Banks and the Core Vitals – get these right to be ready for Google’s Update.

According to this study which has covered all the top banks in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region, there are some rather startling revelations about how prepared banks are, for Google’s Page Experience Update.

There isn’t much time left. And Google made this announcement that it plans to launch this critical update, months ahead. There are tools that can help with page load speeds, and work to minify and prioritize JavaScript to process requests quickly. Now it is all up to brands to quickly get their act together or there is going to be a serious fall out, when the curtain finally drops!