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Golden Day Profit Review – Read Before Trading with Golden Day

Golden Day Profit Kamyip is a Forex brokerage firm that is headquartered in Hong Kong with a strong reputation in capital management. The firm is regulated by one of the highest ranked international regulators, the National Futures Association (NFA), which works as a non-commercial regulator of United States transactions and futures on the foreign exchange marketplace.

Phone: 00852-53071788

reviewTheir vision

Golden Day’s vision is to provide clients with a sustainable plan for long-term profitability and do this by adhering to proven leadership strategies in both global markets and areas of emerging technology. They also have a strong focus on collaboration between customers and partners across geographic boundaries.

Their values

The firm strongly adheres to its professional values and principles – striving for innovation as well as building a sincere and trusting relationship with customers. Golden Day states that their innovation comes from an attitude of constant improvement, maintaining sincere working relationships between partners and colleagues, as well as the reinforcement of honesty and transparency help make this firm stand out.

Metal investment specialities

Golden Day also specialises in facilitating investment in precious metal such as gold and silver, two of the most commonly traded commodities in today’s markets. The firm gives its customers deep analysis and expert insight regarding market behaviour relating to precious metals as well as comprehensive strategic plans that can be used to inform future investments.

Investment security and protection

Golden Day ensures that the funds and investments of their customers are always kept secure. This is accomplished using their comprehensive data system that protects information to the highest degree. Only staff members who have signed confidentially waivers are able to access the information and it will never be revealed to a 3rd party.

Options for trading

With nearly 10 years of successful operation behind them, Golden Day has established a strong array of trading options for their customers. The firm also lists all rules and trading notices on its website, giving easy access to investors who can use the data to alleviate any concerns they have regarding specific transactions or fund management.

Up-to-date market research

Golden Day also gives its customers frequent newsletter information regarding market movements and their recommended strategies. Every day they release a morning and evening summary which details specific strategy recommendations and market predictions.

They provide a perfect starting out point for new investors, especially those interested in precious metals trading.