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Go green with hygiene using these eco-friendly essentials

Living sustainable lives on the daily means transitioning from plastic to eco-friendly and reducing your waste. You can take small steps toward sustainable living by focusing on certain aspects of day-to-day living. One way is to switch up your hygiene routine with eco-friendly products that work without harming the environment. Here’s a checklist of must-have eco-friendly essentials to use for your personal hygiene.

Bamboo Toothbrushes
Let that eco-friendly smile shine with bamboo toothbrushes. After just a few months of use, your plastic toothbrushes merely end up in a landfill. This continues throughout your lifetime as you keep replacing discarded ones. Now, brushing your teeth can be guilt-free by using toothbrushes made from natural materials like bamboo.

Shampoo Bars
Any type of plastic packaging is problematic, including plastic bottles that hold liquid shampoo. One of the most ingenious and obvious ways this problem has been tackled is through shampoo bars. It doesn’t need wasteful packaging like a regular soap so say goodbye to plastic bottles.

Recycled Toilet Paper
Toilet paper is one of the most used toiletry household items. They’re easily discarded too, so most of it just ends up in a landfill. People from other countries do without it by using soap and water to clean up after themselves. However, if that’s a bit difficult, you can always opt for brands that use recycled materials.

Re-Usable Menstrual Products
This applies to the ladies. Commercial tampons and absorbent pads are heavy on the carbon footprint in terms of its materials that include plastic, paper, and chemically bleached cotton. Re-usables such as menstrual cups and re-washable cloth pads are a much better option.