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Gianni Cures Is the Artist on the Rise You Should Look Out For

It’s not often that people who enter the entertainment industry can skyrocket to success in a relatively short amount of time. These cases only emerge when the artist’s talents are combined with a burning passion and a hunger to carry on and become the best version of themselves. Among these few individuals is Gianni Cures, an artist who wants to spread his music as a way to unite people and encourage them to do the best they can. 

At the young age of 23, Gianni has stepped up and made incredible music and built a network of incredibly talented people around him. A San Diego native, Gianni was interested in music from a very young age. He would sing, and it was the only thing that brought him the most joy. However, at that young age, Gianni did not ever consider music as a career. 

However, as Gianni started to surround himself with more influencers and artists, he was repeatedly told that he had the talent to produce good music and the right voice too. This led to him starting his journey to sing and make music. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Gianni had a studio apartment with no rooms. While in LA, Gianni learned how to produce, record, and write songs, along with his friends. 

Gianni’s journey, however, was not easy. He had to go from session to session, hopping around and making new friends and relationships. However, these sessions were one of the most crucial times for Gianni as he met the proper people and started building his network. When Gianni was producing music in his apartment, his influencer friends would share his music with their many followers. Gianni then slowly started to form a fan base and an audience. 

As he became successful, Gianni didn’t move away from his goal, which was to make an impact on people’s lives. This was one of the reasons he considered releasing his music into the public realm so he could inspire people and give them the courage to go out and follow their dreams. 

When creating music, Gianni likes to mix up genres to set his music apart from the rest, add a personal touch, and make it unique. He starts by mixing genres like pop, hip-hop, EDM, and rock. The incredible combination of these genres, along with Gianni’s talent and his personal touch, makes his music stand out. Gianni has always been confident in his work; even when he got other artists and producers in a room to work with him, he let his music do the talking. 

Gianni mentions that despite the success he has achieved, his biggest challenge can often be himself. He talks about social media and how it can often lead people to compare themselves with others and how you should always try your best not to. “In the end,” he says, “what matters is the passion you have and how far you’re willing to go to achieve your goals.” 

Gianni’s passion lives on with the same fire as he plans to be among the biggest music artists one day, going on world tours and inspiring people. He wants everyone to be able to have the courage to go out and chase their dreams.