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Getting to Know Gospel Singer, Alex Ward

Gospel singer Alex Ward has a deep and abiding love for people. He takes his time to listen, make connections with others, encourage them when they are down, and even minister to them when they need it most. With such an ability to connect with other people and be so open about who he is as a person, both good and bad, Alex has gained widespread recognition as a singer and minister. Although many people have applauded him for his work, Alex is quick to deflect praise from himself and give it back to God because, without Him, none of this would be possible. In his words, “it took a lot for me to get to this point, and the journey was not always easy.”

Like most children, Alex grew up with big dreams for the future. However, as time progressed and he got wiser, those dreams evolved. Although Alex faced many hardships throughout his life, he found solace in music, which helped him get through everything. His love for singing and ministry grew stronger by the day, and he decided that was the path he wanted to take. However, living a godly lifestyle in a worldly world was not easy.

As a child, Alex had a limited view of what being a person of faith meant. He thought he always had to be in church, listen only to gospel music, read his bible all day long, immerse himself in prayer and fasting, and do all the “godly” things people in the church should do. As he got older and wiser, Alex discovered he could live a godly lifestyle and still hang out with his friends. He realized effective ministry starts with a love for others, and the best way to shine the love of Christ in the world is by loving his neighbors. As his mind evolved, so did his ministry. He interacted with more people, became a better friend, and spread the gospel to a larger audience than he had reached previously.

Although Alex’s methods of evangelizing and ministering to his peers were very effective, some people in the church circles did not feel the same way. He was often judged by his outer appearance, particularly his dreadlocks and tattoos. As a young and popular athlete, he was also friends his church disapproved of. Things got so difficult for Alex that he started questioning his decision to be a gospel minister. But as he began to see his impact on young people’s lives by being himself, his faith was strengthened and affirmed. That reassured him that God was using him everywhere he went, and he realized he didn’t have to change a thing to be an effective witness of Christ.

Since then, Alex has achieved significant milestones in the Kingdom and has impacted countless lives. Some of his achievements include singing with national recording artists, hosting local singers/worship sheds, and being a part of the young adult ministry at church. Alex’s number one dream is that God blesses him enough to be able to sing in all 50 states, allowing him to share the gospel with people from all walks of life. He also hopes to share the stage with other renowned worship ministers at the Stellar Awards soon.